Class X and Class XII exam schedules Yaoshang shadow

That anxious moments are back, all with a somewhat good feel factor and not without reason. After more than ten years of schooling, young students will now be set to appear for probably the first ‘big test’ of their academic life when they appear for the HSLC (Class X) exams conducted by the Board of Secondary Education, Manipur from  March 16 to April 3. Important point in the life of all students, for this could be the first stepping stone to what they later become in  life adding to the anxiety which come with its pinch of the feel good factor for this is where parents, elders of the family and the students themselves come to the realisation that they are now on their way to choosing which stream to pursue in life later. And this is where it becomes crucial for the parents and elders to accept the truth that it doesn’t help to foist their unfulfilled dreams and aspirations on the shoulder of the young students. The other important stage in the life of the students is obviously the Class XII exams which is set to start from February 23 and will go on till April 1.  The last minute ticking of the important points, the last minute earmarking of what they feel are the important chapters, the hurried and anxious discussions with peers, parents and assistance sought from teachers to clear any doubt must be the routine of all the students getting ready to appear for the Higher Secondary Examinations from February 23. This has been the defining part of the days running up to two of the most important academic steps in the life of all young students and this will not change in the years to come too either. Even as students are preparing and rolling up their sleeves to appear for the said exams, one can expect student organisations and other voluntary bodies to come to the fore and announce curfew hours in so far as the Yaoshang festival is concerned, which is scheduled to start from March 7 evening. Exams coinciding with the five days long festival is not something new and this has been the norm in the last many years. And if the past is any indication, one can expect student bodies and voluntary organisa-tions to step in and announce curfew hours and place restrictions on the Thabal Chongba dos, that define the five days festival. Nothing wrong with the stand adopted by the student organisations and voluntary bodies, for this is about the fate of thousands of young students who would be appearing and getting ready to appear for the two most important exams in their academic lives.
This is where one wished that BOSEM and COHSEM apply their mind and work out the exam schedules in such a way that they don’t clash with the Yaosang dates. Yaoshang does not follow the Gregorian calendar and hence the five days festival may fall anytime in March, but as in the past, the annual calendar comes out much earlier before the onset of the new year, which is 2023 this time. A little application of the mind and concern for the overall atmosphere under which the said exams are conducted can go some way in ensuring that the exams do not coincide with Yaoshang and this can certainly help everyone and not only the students appearing for the said exams.  Scheduling an exam to skirt around a five day festival should not be such a tall order to follow. Or it may be easier said than done, but there should be no harm in giving some serious thoughts to this line of suggestion. On the other hand the intent of student organisations and other voluntary organisations to chip in with checks and balances with the Thabal Chongba dos so as not to disturb the students is laudable and should be acknowledged by all concerned. It would however be that much more appreciable if such a trend of thought is kept in mind always and not only during the Class X and Class XII exams. Cases of pulling out young students from their classrooms to take part in issues which should ideally be dealt by adults of society is a point that comes to mind. The concern for the young students during their Class X and Class XII exams should be a year round train of thought. Respect the academic pursuit of the young students all the year round, should be the call.