Indigenous Tribal Leaders Forum informs

CCpur, Feb 22
The Indigenous Tribal Leaders Forum (ITLF) in its meeting today at KIC Office, Tuibuong, Churachandpur, has resolved to object and oppose the notification of the Government of Manipur, dated February 14, 2023, issued vide the District Magistrate of each district of the State of Manipur notifying holders of arms license to submit their arms license along with their registered arms to their respective Police Station of which address is indicated in their arms license by March 1, 2023.
In a release, ITLF informed that the meeting attended by representatives of about 16 organisations, after a lengthy deliberation on the subject, had unanimously resolved to objectand oppose the Government’s notification for submission of arms license along with the arms on the ground that the said notification is vague and arbitrary in nature.
The members attending the meeting expressed their apprehension that calling for submission of arms at this juncture when there is no public unrest or riots or an upcoming poll and the reason given by the Government that the same is required for review/ validity/ updation, etc. is unfounded and unreasonable.
The meeting had also expressed their view that submission of the arms and its license to the Police Station is not required for the purpose of checking or reviewing the validity or other status of the arms license. It could easily be done without depositing the same to the Police Station.
"The ITLF had expressed its view that arms licenses are issued to applicants whom the Government deemed fit and necessary, especially for self protection of the individual or his family or his property. Hence, parting the licensed arms with the holder for an indefinite period of time by deposition at the Police Station is as much as directly exposing the individual, his family or his property to harm’s danger. Thus, such notification for submission of arms to the Police Station on baseless ground is repugnant to the fundamental right of an individual’s right to life and personal liberty guaranteed by the Constitution of India under Article 21. Hence, the same is indiscreet, arbitrary and unacceptable", it added.
ITLF declared that the notification of the Government of Manipur dated February 14, 2023 issued vide the District Magistrates is indiscreet, arbitrary and unacceptable in its present form and fervently urged public, holding arms license, not to comply with the same.
ITLF further urged the Government to reconsider its decision and revoke the said notification else it will be compelled to approach competent authority for justice.