How healthy is your relationship ?

Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam
Where do I start ? It's been weeks, I seem to have nothing up there. The rolling age asks me to search for a cash cow but again, long dreamt dreams hinder my move to keep my passion alive. I know I might not be cutting out for a lot of things but writing my craziness out is nothing but an oxygen for me. Today, I will scrape the bottom of the barrel, won’t go ape but be completely honest.
I have a lot of Grey areas when it comes to LOVE. I know I am an eager beaver but it hurts to move when those you care seem to not know what you do for them. You must also be feeling what I am pouring out, you must be having that someone whom you want to hold when you close your eyes for the last. You must be always keeping your ego at the side just to see him/her win over you -just because you care about him/her more than the argument. But it does not work at times. Being in a relationship where all you have to do is provide and stay happy just so you share your happiness to the other - it’s hell. I guess many must be in.
Love - I will only scratch this surface. I know it's hard to be without her and it’s also hard to be with her. Most of us are stuck in these walls-stalling over the fence. Okay for those who can give him/her the slip and move on - good for them. But for most who are just struggling to breathe, afraid of getting drowned and also afraid to get out of the water. To get my ball rolling over this-LISTEN! GIVE UP ! Life gives love to hang on sometimes as it might pull us up one day in the dark or everyday in the journey. If all you do is hang just because you are afraid to face the day - the day you will one day wake up without her text or call. TRUST ME! It’s not worth it. It’s not about having a pineapple eye but LOVE has to be respected not conditioned to provide just because you compromised the status of being single.
It will be a safe bet to say you will surely find that person who will be spending the rest of your life with. Don’t be too afraid of getting married as well, saying so - I don’t mean to compromise the soul of marriage. But keep in mind that life will take its own time to accept your last will before you even know, so you are not supreme enough to just think your life is happening by all your choices. KEEP MOVING - to those stuck in unhealthy relationships now, those who think what I am saying is fitting your bill, wake up.
It’s time you give him/her the boot if all he/she cares about is his/her happiness. You didn’t wake up everyday to nurse someone you met along the way. Don’t be a poet, for you will understand one day that all you have been doing was to impress her/him to make him/her think that you are the best he/she can get/effort. Burst your bubble today.
To those who are very scared of moving out, LISTEN - there is light at the end of the tunnel. You are not in-love with the person. You are just afraid to miss the fact that you had someone to blame or cry with. Get into a relationship when you are happy, not when you need someone. Don’t buy the vegetables when you are hungry because you might pick up the wrong one. Love is commitment - to be happy and sad together, share all emotions. So, when you find these things not balanced - go to the nearest market and get yourself a local calendar - FIND THE BEST DAY TO GET THE H**L OUT OF THAT RELATIONSHIP.
The writer is an International Awardee and also a major in International Business Marketing from Algonquin, Ottawa, Canada. He is also the director of The Oratory Academy, School of Public Speaking, and the founder of International Youth Alliance, based in Canada. He can be reached at [email protected] Watch his motivational videos on YouTube at Live With Bir