Her Struggle

Bijenti Irengbam
March is Women’s History Month, a time when people around the world celebrate the achievements and contributions of women throughout history. It is also a time to reflect on the progress that has been made in advancing women’s rights and gender equality, and to consider the work that still needs to be done.
A virtuous woman is a woman of unique distinction. She is clothed in strength, honor, and power. And when she speaks, we can hear wisdom ‘as radiant as a rainbow after a spring shower.’
Unique and more precious than rubies and gold. Today’s woman faces a more dramatic and severe challenge than ever. The family needs her but society needs her also. As a human being, she must fulfill a serious political role along with her maternal one. Women, all across the world, have for years been clamoring for equality; Equal pay, and equal treatment. In most family situations, however, the combination of family and work demands overburden middle and lower-class women with stress.
The stress results from women being held responsible for children and for family and household chores, in addition to work assignments out of the home. An analysis of films released found that women made up only 17% of crowd scenes.
The film has a male lead. Men also get more lines, speaking twice as much as women overall; three times as much in films with male leads; and almost twice as much in films with male and female co-leads. Few films with female leads where male and female characters drew even on screen time. This imbalance is found not just in films and TV. It’s everywhere.
The blunt truth is that men still run the world. This means that when it comes to making the decisions that most affect us all, women’s voices are not heard equally. Of the 195 independent countries in the world, only 17 are led by women. Women hold just 20 percent of seats in Parliaments globally. A widow told me her hands shook and her face reddened with shame when she signed a temporary marriage contract in exchange for money a month plus groceries and clothes for her children.
‘Her children call her a bad woman’. Women’s rights are human rights. From the fight for gender equality and reproductive rights to the struggle against sexual harassment and assault, these women are leading the charge for change and making their voices heard. Women face real obstacles in the professional world, including blatant and subtle sexism, discrimination, and sexual harassment.
Too few workplaces offer the flexibility and access to child care and parental leave that are necessary for pursuing a career while raising children.
In India, a ten-year-old girl boards a flight for abroad; her companion is a sixty-year-old businessman who has married the girl after purchasing her from her parents. Her happiness cannot be purchased with a million bucks. The fight for women’s rights has been a long and ongoing struggle, and it is important to understand that these rights are not just about women, but about the basic human rights of half of the world’s population.
Women respect men who are honest with them. Simply tell her if you don’t like her hairstyle, makeup, or certain habits rather than forcing a compliment on her. Despite the fact that most men dislike cooking, most women value a man who can cook.
Women all over the world must be recognized for our superhuman and versatile capabilities. As Diane Marie defined us, “a woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.” Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi, said “Men and women are different! We have different hormones and different sexual organs and different biological abilities – women can have babies, men cannot ! 52% of the world’s population is female but men occupy most of the positions of power and prestige.” Of the world’s 800 million illiterates 66% are women. In political institutions, such as Parliaments and so on, women hold on the average less than 20% of the seats. Women and Empowerment encourage individual and social assertions of women’s rights and responsibilities, and urge women to assist each other in accomplishing these quests.
Families are the most significant emotional contexts of women’s and men’s lives. Women, dramatically more so than men, are bound by family responsibilities.
My Philosophy Is That Not Only Are You Responsible For Your Life, But Doing The Best At This Moment Puts You In The Best Place For The Next Moment – Oprah Winfrey said. Women’s Day is not only an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the achievements of women, but also a chance to reflect on the challenges that still need to be overcome.