‘Nagalim Voice’

DIMAPUR, Mar 15 : NSCN (IM)'s latest bulletin 'Nagalim Voice' said that despite the present situation with the Naga political issue "being given cold shoulder with agnostic indifference", Nagas are however, never disheartened, "because the final answer to Naga solution is with the Almighty God, the creator and the source of everything," reports NNN.
The latest edition of 'Nagalim Voice' was released today.
The editorial of the NSCN (IM)'s mouthpiece said that Nagas believe that the only way "we are going to win this battle is through an act of divine intervention".
It also said that Nagas believe in God’s marvellous work being done among the Nagas, "His constant and unceasing leading through the ages". The bulletin further said that Nagas also believe in God’s irrevocable covenant with the Naga people that "He will not leave the Nagas alone and abandon them into the hands of ruthless and mindless enemies". It added, "We, therefore, renew our faith and hope in the promise of God that He will lead the Nagas through to the end".