United Zou Organisation declares war on drugs

United Zou Organisation, General Headquarters, the apex body of the Zou Tribe declared 'War on Drugs' at its 67th Annual Assembly held at Behiang on March 16 and 17, 2023.
The assembly was attended by Chinlunthang, MLA Singngat AC, Zou Chiefs, delegates and its constituent bodies such as Zou Youth Organisation, Zou Sangnaupang Pawlpi, Zou Zumpi, Zou Literature Society, Zou Script Devel- opment Society, Zou Artiste Union, Zou Women Human Rights Organisation, Zou Gal Memorial Shield Committee, said a press release by United Zou Organisation.
The 67th Annual Assembly unanimously resolved to declare 'War on Drugs' particularly on poppy cultivation in all Zou dominated areas and reserved forests and wildlife as mentioned in the presidential address delivered by its president Thangzamang. It further resolved that all Village Chiefs must restrict any poppy plantation in their areas in support of the State Government's far sighted steps to save the environment and the future generation.
The organisation and its constituent bodies including the Zou Chiefs decided to organise seminars/awareness at their Block level, Branch level, Unit level, Church level, village level in future.