Studying with a purpose in mind Exams after exams

Study with a purpose in mind and perform accordingly. This line is important especially in the face of the ongoing Class X and Class XII examinations conducted by the Board of Secondary Education, Manipur (BOSEM) and Council of Higher Secondary Education, Manipur (COHSEM) respectively. Come May and one can expect BOSEM and COHSEM to announce the results of the first two important examinations of the young students and after this one can expect the many schools, specialising in the Plus 2 level to go to town, trumpeting the performance of their students and in the process laying out the freebies to attract the students who have come out with flying colours in the Class X examinations. An annual affair this is and this should not come as too big a surprise, for remember students as young as 15/16 years have to cut their teeth in the hugely competitive world after their Class X stage. After crossing the Class X stage then it would be about preparation to get into some of the better known schools here and for parents and elders who can afford it, it would be about setting their eyes on some of the better known residential schools located outside the State. For students who opt for the Science stream after their Class X, the focus would be on how to crack NEET, JEE or any other professional courses, while for those who have opted for Commerce and Arts, it would be about scoring above the 95 percent marks in their Class XII exams, cracking the Common University Entrance Test and getting into the college of their choice in some of the better known colleges across the country. A case of reducing life to a race and something which all young students will have to participate if they are to make their life more meaningful. Test after test, exams after exams, this is the reality for all the young students and before they even realise that there is a life to be lived in the big, bad, wide world, their life will centre around exams after exams. No definite answer on whether this has made life easier for mankind, but it has definitely meant more pressure on the young students and parents and elders of the family as well.
In a few days time, the Class X and Class XII exams will get over and to many of the young students, this will just mean crossing one hurdle for there will be more hurdles to overcome. As noted earlier in this column, for many of the students who have opted Science in the their plus two level, the time  now will be to start focusing on the competitive exams which have been lined up. Many will be eyeing to crack NEET, JEE, Agriculture or any other competitive examinations while for students who have opted Commerce and Arts, it will be about preparing for CUET and getting into the college of their choice. And it also stands that many of those who have crossed the Class XII stage will be setting their eyes on continuing with their higher studies at some of the better known colleges and universities across the country. Nothing wrong with this, for exposure can only work to the advantage of the young students, but when this need is compelled by the absence of a conducive atmosphere here, then it is time to start worrying. Why do thousands of students feel it better to go outside the State for their further studies, is a question which should have pricked the conscience of the Government and the people as a whole, a long time back. However there is nothing to suggest that any worthwhile thought has been given to this and remember not all parents and families are that well placed to comfortably send their children and youngsters outside Manipur for their higher studies. It is the reality here which has constrained many to send their children outside. Why this is so is a question which everyone should sincerely ask themselves inward.