Update gun license otherwise

Free Thinker
It is reliably learned that nearly 25000 citizens had procured gun licenses on the basis of their strength and connections, without having any plausible threat perception either from humans or animals.  The licenses were perhaps procured to maintain an elitist status symbol. I really don’t understand what kind of aristocratic status one acquires when she/he has got a gun.  In the United States, almost everyone has a firearm.
In the recently concluded Assembly Session, Hon. CM hinted, all guns should be surrendered unless the licenses are renewed or updated and endorsed by the competent authority.  A sincere survey is required in every district. The proper record needs to be maintained.  All the district authorities may be asked to maintain their arms registers intact. Now, a unique identification number for each license/gun is going to be generated in the country based on the registration.
Just before the last election, the CEO made an announcement that nearly 8000 firearms have been deposited out of some 25000 (as part of a mandatory election exercise); okay, let us say 10000 arms were deposited in the police stations before the elections. At least 15 thousand were still in circulation-not deposited. This does not mean that all would have been utilized during the elections.
We are told that some gun licenses were issued in the early 1950s and the owners never came up for renewal; as per the existing law, every license has to be updated every 3 years. Most of the gun holders do forget. Another problem is that from 2016 even the airguns are supposed to be registered. Those who were having airguns before 2016 – can we think that they will come and register? Guns are still a headache for all and sundry.
Again, the process to obtain a gun license is torturous. The first step is to submit an application online or offline as per the District dispensation. Once the authority receives your application, your address is verified, and they also check your past criminal antecedence.  Address verification and a clean past criminal record aren’t enough to prove your eligibility to obtain a license. Police look into your character and behavior from the locality. The investigation includes cross-checking with the people around. In the interview, the most common query is, “why do you need a gun?”  Then the report is sent to both the crime branch (CID) and the national crime record bureau (NCRB). When all steps are completed, and competent authority is satisfied with relevant information, one gets a gun license.
After the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack, the Union Government reformed its gun ownership norms – big guns (PB – prohibited bore) are allowed for citizens. Now civilians who are prone to attacks on their lives or those who reside in disturbed areas, or even government officials who are often targets of terrorists and anti-socials by nature of their jobs, or MLAs or MPs or their family members can acquire big guns for their own protection. But the license for PB is issued entirely by the central government.
After James Bond 007, kills the killer of his friend,  M ( Missions - His boss) puts him under suspension and revokes his license to kill; 00 stands for a license to kill; 7 is his ID number in MI6 (British Secret Service – External wing). Guns have a role to play everywhere. But the problem here in this region is that everyone considers himself or herself has got the ‘double-ho’.
 I also wanted to be a part of this elite group having guns in the State. Long ago I applied for a gun license – the then DC knew me, he called up and said – who told you that your life is under threat? I said, “I can feel it”; he retorted that guns have nothing to do with feelings.  DC was quite friendly and asked me whether I have the money to buy one – the minimum cost is 30,000. Then, I said, I can borrow money from my friends. He said straight to my face, first have the required sum to buy a gun and then start thinking of protecting yourself; he was hurting my self-esteem, I did not want to continue the interview with a Direct IAS recruit – So I quit - telling him that one day I shall come back.
 Now my feeling has come back. May I apply for a cannon so that it becomes more significant – and my application reaches the Union Home Ministry; threat perception is very high since I started pulling legs and poking noses. If all of them come to attack me, small arms (NPB) will be of no use, and a big gun (cannon type) will be of some help  – to survive the onslaught. Please don’t worry about the availability of the big gun- I have spoken to the in charge of the Ordnance factory – she says once I get the license she will get the stuff within two months that too with six cannonballs.
DC Saheb, I am applying, going for a cannon, please do the needful and augment my social status.