Expecting Class XII results in May Wider competition ahead

In a way it is ironic but readers and subscribers of The Sangai Express must have woken up to the news that the Council of Higher Secondary Education, Manipur is likely to announce the Class XII results on May 12. A news that came from New Delhi via the digital news service based at Noida News9. The said news was carried in the April 21 edition of this newspaper and was datelined New Delhi April 20. A moment that must be awaited with bated breath by thousands of young students, their parents and guardians, the interested people and of course the numerous educational institutions in Manipur, particularly the schools which specialise in the plus 2 stage, that is Class XI and Class XII. Come the result and one can also expect the daily newspapers published from Imphal to carry the interview with the toppers, those who manage to grab the top three positions. If the past is any indication, this would also be the time for numerous schools located at Imphal to go about trumpeting the success of their students and how many of them made it to the list of the top 25. Nothing wrong with this for in a way this is the time to gain as much positive publicity as possible. This will also be the time for numerous students, parents and their guardians to look up some of the more reputable coaching centres specialising in preparing the young students for NEET, JEE and other professional courses- a telling statement that the pressure on the young students to perform will continue. This is for students who opt for the Science stream in their Plus 2 level and for students from the Arts and Commerce stream, attention will now shift to the Common University Entrance Test (CUET) to get into the college and the university of their choice. Short coaching stints for students preparing to appear for CUET in the subject of their preference can also be expected and the pressure and expectations from the young students is immense and bearing the pressure is not only the students but also the parents, guardians and the elders of the family. As in the past many years, thousands of students will make a beeline for colleges and universities based outside Manipur and this should say something significant about the state of higher education in the State.
The field of competition will get wider and broader. So from the competition amongst classmates during school days to competition between students drawn from different schools to a pan India competition via NEET, JEE or for admission to any of the other professional courses to competing with others in CUET are indications of the road ahead for all young students who want to make their life meaningful and gainful in their latter life. The competition does not and will not stop here for once one steps into the stage that is known as the adult life, it will come in different shapes and sizes and the important question is how the more than 12 years of school life prepares the young student to take on the challenges and competition that life invariably throws up. No easy answer here, but education in its true essence should be understood beyond the realm of the marks that one scores in the examination, either in Class XII or in any of the competitive exams that one may appear at any stage of one’s life. This is a line that everyone should keep in mind even as the Council of Higher Secondary Education, Manipur is looking ahead to declare the Class XII examination by the 12th of May. Here it would also be interesting to see if any of the schools specialising in the plus 2 level can spell out their achievement via the performance of their students in the Class XII vis-a-vis their performance in the Class X examination two years earlier. Can any of the school be candid enough to announce if they have managed to take a student who scored 75 percent in Class X to the 90 percent group in Class XII ? This is a repeat of a question which had already been raised earlier in this column.