MoRTH helpline

NEW DELHI, Apr 5: For timely medical assistance to road accident victims, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has proposed expansion of its Nationwide helpline number 1033 to all National Highways. At present service is available at tolled roads. The idea is that ambulances, cranes and rescue or patrolling vehicles should reach the mishap site within 30 minutes.
The plan is to deploy patrolling cars and cranes equipped with gas cutters, hydraulic rescue tools such as hydraulic towing arm and road clearing equipment staffed with trained manpower. The Ministry also wants the specifications for the ambulances, rescue cranes and surveillance vehicles to be standardised to remove ambiguity and ensure uniformity in their function.
In a note circulated among senior officials, Indian Academy of Highway Engineers (IAHE) and Indian Roads Congress (IRC) seeking their suggestions on the proposals, the Ministry stated that this is to be done on priority by establishing monitoring units staffed by skilled manpower.
According to the note, the facility may initially be extended to all the National Highways with emphasis on high traffic corridors and the States with difficult terrains. TNIE