Nishikant gives Manipur's story to Aaj Tak Manipur's narrative reaches Hindi viewers


Nishikant Sapam
By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, May 18 : Just a few days after presenting the story of Manipur and giving the right narrative of the ethnic clash between the Meiteis and the Kukis to Karan Thapar in The Wire, Keishamthong Assembly Constituency MLA Nishikant Singh Sapam today reached out to Hindi viewers across the country during an interview in Aaj Tak.
During the interaction, the MLA underlined the necessity of conducting a National Register of Citizens (NRC) to identify and weed out all illegal immigrants from across the border. The MLA also gave a brief breakdown of the population composition of Manipur and the sharp spike of a community due to illegal immigrations.
The need to protect the land of the Meiteis who can settle only in the valley area which comprises just 10 percent of the total geographical area of Manipur was highlighted. Anyone is free to settle on the 10 percent of the land while the hills which comprise 90 percent of the total area of Manipur is off limits for the Meiteis and others, added the MLA.
Nishikant also recalled how gun toting elements took part in the May 3 Tribal Solidarity March at Churachandpur and questioned how that was allowed to happen.
The MLA also dismissed the idea of Hindu supremacy and the wrong narrative of a Hindu-Christian clash.