Awakening call to our hon’ble leaders bewildered

M Sushilkumar
Is this the reason, this the scene
These tensions and turmoil.
That will replace our peaceful co-existence
This tearful gloom for that hearty smiles

This breathlessness and the restlessness for that cheerful soundness
These mournful gatherings for that gleeful dances jumping
Be it so, since you are now the leaders elected who can dispose and bid what shall be right!

Promise was that, you will look after the peace and harmony and social well being of our people of Manipur
Ask for the great leaders now! Those who promised!
You will find them, tongue tied
under pressure of their own-confused concerned of remaining honourable?

Then, suddenly breakening their silence
In bewildered state of mind
Some ten among you terrificly announced for autonomy.
Autonomy in the administration
So sweet a sound carries the word AUTONOMY
yet, as well all know, all glitters are not gold
The sweetness turns bitter, at times
When it is out of place, out of time and out of SITUATION

As leaders you are-you are ought to decide
for the greatest good of the greatest number
In the overall interest of our people of Manipur
Oh, poor luck, that you have in wilderness,
proclaimed and opened your heart- Dirty!
Announcing the hidden agenda-AUTONOMY
Fragmentation in the name of AUTONOMY
There is still time for you to repent and SURRENDER
Repent on your joint announcement for AUTONOMY
If at all it was under coercion and pressure.

You are all Law makers and how you turned out to be Law- breakers.
The Law of the land is above all and SUPREME
It is binding to all its citizens
And more so to you- our Law makers

Now that you have openly instigated
for all these criminal violence that have taken place
And further instigating and abetting for more violence to be committed
You have proved beyond doubt that you are the abettors/instigators of what is happening in our State of Manipur
Remember the fruit of your actions will come to you soon

Now that, you are all liable as abettors under the Indian Penal Code
Praise the Lord and have faith in him
And also do have “Fear of Sin” equally.