Why internationationalisation of education is important in New India

Vijay GarG
Changes in higher education are becoming more visible as time passes. It is apparent that the education system has experienced numerous changes to become more scalable, accessible, and technologically inclined towards global standards in order to meet the needs of the worldwide labour market. To establish an atmosphere that will assist students integrate into the global community and to implement policies that will change the dynamic of higher education throughout the world, internationalisation is key.   
Huge impetus is now being put on internationalisation, with many claiming it as their primary strategic goal. Several Indian higher education institutions are becoming more committed to broadening their global reach to attract overseas students, faculty and financing to grow. India, China, and the United States have the largest private higher education systems. India has been designated as the "biggest" among these, with a stake of 21.9% in global private higher education and enrolments close to 64.3%. Internationalisation of higher education is a topic that a variety of groups are interested in for a variety of reasons, (To be contd)