Books are our Best Friends

Vijay Garg
A house without books is like a closed room without windows. Any educational institution is incomplete if it does not have a library. Books are the measure of civilization and culture of every country. The progress of any country is not estimated from its multi-storeyed buildings, chimneys touching the sky and winding roads, but from the works of that country and the stature and thoughts of its writers.
The ideas contained in books created many revolutions, thus books more than weapons They prove to be more powerful. Sri Guru Granth Sahib has been given the place of Guru in Sikhism. Such an example is not found anywhere in the world. Authors of books may be born in a place but they are common to all like Shakespeare is common to all. Books are our best friends and rulers, we never feel that they will betray us at any stage because books don’t wear fake masks like humans do. We can take good guidance from books whenever we want. They are the most auspicious.
The feeling of friendship and warmth with books is necessary for people of all classes, but today the greatest need is for children. It is formed and also gives sweet fruits. When we don’t give children books to entertain them, they spend their free time on TV.
Also They will spend watching and playing mobile games. Let’s gift them good books on their birthdays that will develop their brains. It is also the duty of teachers in colleges to motivate students to read good books but the hobby of buying books is waning among us. We can buy nice decorative items to decorate the house, but we want the book to be free. We make room for everything in the house, not for books. We should reserve a place for books in our homes. Today’s world is a world of ideas. Today’s writers are common to all, not just one country. Let’s share with all the books. It is my personal experience that my time is passing very well because of my books.