An observation of the present unrest in Manipur

RK Somorjit Singh
Contd from previous issue
However passengers meant for Guwahati have been escorted safely by the armed forces and State police personnel for their destinations.
Due to the lack of security arrangement on National Highway - 2, mass loot of essential commodities has been done by suspected Kuki Militants along with rioters at the Kangpokpi district of Manipur, from many trucks.
At the midnight of the 13th May, 2023, 15 (fifteen) houses were again set on fire at Torbung and Govindpur areas of Bishnupur district near Churachandpur district of Manipur by suspected Kuki rioters with the help of Kuki militants. And one bank (The Manipur Rural Bank) was also completely ransacked/looting a cash of Rs. 11,77,578/- (Rupees eleven lakh, seventy seven thousand five hundred and seventy eight), along with 6 (six) computer monitors, 5 (five) CPUs, 5 (five) CCTV cameras, 2 (two) cash counting machines,1 (one) single barrel license gun etc. located at Churachandpur district.
Again, it is a well known fact through history that most of the Kuki groups are expansionist in nature and war mongers migrating from one place to another through rioting and looting apart from killing unarmed population. In Myanmar they are not able to get along with the present and past Governments.
So, all these years they are active against the Government of Myanmar and illegally setting up many Kuki Militant groups, which the Government of Myanmar is trying to suppress them !
So, here lies the question, though there are so many ethnic groups in Myanmar, why only Kuki groups are crossing illegaly into Indian boundary and entering into Manipur and Mizoram State of India ? And again why the Kuki people of Manipur and Mizo people of Mizoram are welcoming these foreigner Kukis from Myanmar in their respective districts, even providing false identities ? Even there were incidents of involvement of Church leaders in this process of giving shelters and forging documents trying to prove them as Indian Nationals !?!
On the other hand, many Meeteis/Meiteis are also separated and settled in Myanmar during the “Seven Years Devastation (1819-1825)” in the history of Independant Manipur before becoming a part of India. But they never try to cross the border illegally to settle in Manipur being law abiding citizens of a civilized Nation. And at the same time Meeteis/ Meiteis of Manipur also never try to bring them in Manipur respecting the law of the land and international laws.
In the meantime 10 (ten) Kuki MLAs are demanding a separate administration of Kukis. Now the picture is loud and clear that some years ago many Kuki militants altogether demanded a separate Kuki Homeland from Manipur. Now, they have spreaded false news saying that “All India Radio” relay transmission is banned/stopped in Churachandpur district saying that they are separated from Manipur State and now became “Kuki Land”. And their arrogance is becoming open by claiming through writings like “Welcome to Mizoram” in areas like Kangpokpi district and Churachandpur district. Where they have dominating populace.
On the 18th May, 2023, the Kuki rioters with the help of Kuki militants pushed big boulders from the hilltop near the Kotlien area on NH-37. This occured around at 2 pm and one truck driver bringing petrol to Imphal was badly hurt. But the State police forces posted nearby gave a funny reply while asking for filing an FIR that the boulders were due to wind which again makes drivers plying on the NH-37 unable to trust the State forces posted on the highways.
The peace loving people of Manipur have full faith in the Government of India that it will act using its highest level of wisdom and integrity to thwart such attempts by foreign hands to destablize the unity and integrity of the Nation.
If these unlawful elements are not controlled in the same manner which was done in J & K, Manipur may face a similar situation like J & K during 1990s where selected Hindu Pandits were targeted.
There are 50,000/- (Fifty thousand) Kasmiri Pandit Hindus who were pushed out from their ancestral land and live in other State of India. Similarly there are 10,000/- (ten thousand) Meitei/Meetei who are homeless people in their land.        (To be contd)