Separate administration call Acceptable to the Nagas ?

Is there a way forward ? No easy answer here but this should not be any reason for Imphal and Delhi to sleep over the matter. Even as this commentary is being penned down, there is no report at all of the Imphal-Dimapur line being opened up or the security forces having cleared the highway. The result is stranded trucks with even truck associations having issued the call to all goods laden trucks to instead take the Imphal-Jiribam line. The uneasy calm is palpable everywhere, particularly in Imphal East, Imphal West, Churachandpur, Kangpokpi and Moreh, with many living under constant fear that trouble may erupt anytime. So what is the roadmap ahead ? The ‘different administration’ demand raised by the 10 MLAs cannot be the answer and there is no way that Imphal or the people of Manipur, barring the militant organisations under the SoO pact and Kangpokpi and Churachandpur, would endorse this. This is where it becomes important for either side to remember that in as much as the 10 MLAs can put up such a demand as a ‘different administration’ the people of Manipur, particularly the Meiteis, too have the right to put up any demand they deem fit. The point that is sought to be made here is that demands can be put up by anyone, but anyone in a position of responsibility should think twice, thrice or even a hundred times before opening one’s mouth. And what are the areas that should come under the ‘different administration’ call of the 10 MLAs ? Will the Nagas agree to any demand that Kangpokpi should be included as the area of the Kuki-Chin group ? Have the 10 MLAs raised this question within themselves or did they shoot their mouth off following pressure from anyone, particularly those who have been espousing the call of a Zalengam ? Be very clear. Manipur is in a critical situation. Over 70 lives have been lost in the madness that followed the May 3 Tribal Solidarity March. Houses have been burnt and many places of worship have also  been desecrated leading to a sharp divide. Given this backdrop and the reality, the demand for a ‘separate administration’ is not only immature and childish but is also dangerous.
What can be the step forward ? As noted earlier, no easy answer here and while the Government must work on a way to find a way to break the impasse, it is also important that civil society organisations from either side reach out to each other and see if something can be worked out. Again here, there will be no easy answer for remember  people took to the street and went about with their destruction spree not under any organisation or under the leadership of anyone. Who can represent the Kuki people in case the Government wants to start a process of talking things over ? Likewise who can represent the Meiteis ? No easy answer here but how long can the situation persist ? Or will there be another round of mayhem and clash ? Scary it is but the longer the situation is allowed to prolong, the greater the chances of pent up anger exploding and nothing will be more unfortunate than this. For three weeks, that is since May 3, Manipur has been on the boil and this is where the silence of New Delhi gets more and more inexplicable. A call to scrap the Suspension of Operation pact with the Kuki militants has already been raised and is still doing the round. Kangpokpi too has come together to raise a call to attract the attention of Delhi to the situation here. It should also not be forgotten that even as the Kukis and Meiteis have been at loggerheads since May 3, the Nagas have been stoically silent and this is where it becomes important for all to review the separate administration call keeping in mind the Nagas, the only other indigenous people of Manipur.