Don't poke your nose in stand adopted Sarda lashes out at Mizoram BJP

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, May 24 : BJP State unit has condemned the resolution taken by the executives of the party unit of Mizoram to support the separate administration demand raised by 10 Chin-Kuki MLAs in Manipur.
Speaking to media persons at Thambal Shanglen today, BJP Manipur Pradesh president A Sarda said that they will do whatever it takes to protect the integrity of the State.
Saying that the BJP State unit will not accept any demand which  threatens the unity and integrity of Manipur, Sarda continued that  they will always stand for a united Manipur.
Protecting the State is the topmost priority of BJP Manipur Pradesh, she added.
She further stated that they have already apprised the Central leaders about the resolution taken by the executives of BJP, Mizoram unit and take up necessary actions.
Sarda went on to state that Union Home Minister Amit Shah had apprised a six member team including Chief Minister N Biren Singh, Cabinet Ministers and herself during a recent meeting to protect the integrity of Manipur.
She continued that the Union Home Minister has already given  his assurance to keep the integrity and unity of Manipur intact.
"We believe the Indian Government will protect the integrity of Manipur," she added.
Saying that the party has been taking reports about the situation  in Manipur every minute, Sarda maintained that they also have been apprising the Central leaders and Security Advisor to the Manipur Government  about the situation at the relief camps set up in different areas.
The unfolding situation in Manipur is truly unfortunate, Sarda said and appealed to every Manipuri to stand for a united Manipur.
People must refrain from making statements or indulge in activities which may cause misunderstanding among the people, she added.