MLA offers to venture to the field to guard Manipur's integrity L Rameshwar strikes tough pose


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By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, May 24 : Delivering a ‘determined’ declaration, Keirao AC MLA Lourembam Rameshwar has stated that he along with a thousand 'brave' youth of the Constituency is prepared to go to the field to safeguard the integrity and unity of Manipur.
Addressing the media at his quarter at Majorkhul today, the  BJP MLA who is also Chairman of Planning and Development Authority (PDA) continued that it's not the time for him to restrict his work to only to the duty of a legislator when the integrity of the State has been threatened.
Saying that the people mostly in the valley districts are not satisfied with the way in which the situation is handled in Manipur, he added that people are also disappointed with the silence of the Central Government.
"I believe it's not the time to stay idle when Manipur is burning," he added.
Rameshwar further stated that he along with like-minded MLAs including Manipur Legislative Assembly Speaker Th Satyabrata will leave Imphal for Guwahati today to meet Union Home Minister Amit Shah to press their demand and also understand the stand of the Centre and the BJP  regarding the situation in Manipur.
Some MLAs and Ministers have also gone to Delhi and Guwahati earlier to meet the Central leaders, he added.
Saying that they have sought an appointment with Amit Shah at Guwahati, Rameshwar said that they will try to understand the motive of the Centre and at the same time raise some demands if the proposal is approved.
Saying that they will seek an audience with the Union Home Minister at Delhi again if the need arises, the MLA  continued that they may seek an appointment with the Prime  Minister too.
The MLA went on to say that the decision to either leave BJP or stay in the party will be taken after meeting  the Union Home Minister and other Central leaders.
Saying that he is not satisfied with the Government's response to the situation partially, he has been suppressing his voice, though there are many to raise, as time was not appropriate.
"The only thing that matters to me now is safeguarding the State left behind by our ancestors," Rameshwar added.
Saying that he could no longer watch the crisis in Manipur  without doing anything, the MLA reiterated that he will meet the Union Home Minister to understand the stand of the Centre.
Interference of Mizoram Chief Minister in the affairs of Manipur is unfortunate, he added.
To Meetei who worship Sanamahi three times a day, their houses are their Temples, he said and added that he could no longer control his emotion on seeing Kuki militants torching  Meetei houses and places of worship.
The MLA said that he no longer has the strength to suppress his emotion.
He also maintained that there are some Meetei MLAs who don't have any love for their State and they are a hindrance in raising a collective voice to the Centre.