UNHRC takes note of Manipur crisis


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By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, May 24 : Taking note of the present crisis in Manipur, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk urged 'authorities' to respond to the situation quickly by investigating and addressing the root cause of the violence.
In his opening remarks, Volker Türk said, "In a number of situations, we see the consequences when different groups incite and stoke hatred and division between communities. The recent violence in Manipur, North East India, revealed the underlying tensions between different ethnic groups. I urge the authorities to respond to the situation quickly, including by investigating and addressing root causes of the violence in line with their international human rights obligations."
Volker Türk also appealed to all to help push back against the disinforma-tion and manipulation that feeds anti-rights movements, and help protect the space for people to defend their rights. The dignity and worth of every human being should not be a questionable, sensitive concept.
Meanwhile, the mention of the Manipur crisis and the appeal made for authority's quick response by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has been welcomed and appreciated by the Human Rights Alert.