House of Works Minister vandalised

A large number of people coming from different areas of Bishnupur vandalised the house and office of Works Minister Govindas Konthou-jam at Ningthoukhong, today at around 3.30 pm.
Reportedly, these people came from different places and marched toward the house of the Minister by shouting slogans such as "Step down all negligent MLAs", "Long Live Manipur," "Go back Indian Army," etc.
The mob confronted the police deployed there before vandalising the house.
Speaking to media persons, personal secretary of the Works Minister Konthoujam Tomba alias Biren  said that the people who vandalised the house were coming to meet Govindas who was not present at the time.
Saying that he asked them to come back again tomorrow, he claimed that the mob started entering the house by breaching the first gate of the house and destroying the wall adjacent to the second gate while he was holding talks with some of their representatives.
He said that properties destroyed by the mob included one car, a van, two vehicles of Ningthoukhong Municipal Council, one Tata 407, Led TV, plastic chairs, doors, windows, tables etc.
Meanwhile, some MLAs and Ministers have started vacating valuables from their respective residential quarters in fear of being stormed by mobs.
It is reported that the MLAs and Ministers decided to take their properties to safer locations after receiving intelligence inputs about the likelihood of irate people storming their residential quarters for not protecting lives and properties of the civilians and against the demand raised by the Chin Kuki MLAs to establish a separate administration.
It may be noted that the violent conflict between Meitei and Kuki started on May 3 during ATSUM's Solidarity Rally. In a string of violences on the following days, hundreds of houses on both sides have been burnt and thousands have been displaced.
While there is uneasy normalcy in most districts, there have been reports of violences occurring in few districts. Curfew has been imposed and internet services have been shut for weeks since May 3.
Relief camps have been opened across the districts.