Meetei woman files complaint to MHRC

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, May 25 : A Meetei woman who is a resident of Karbi Anglong, Assam has filed a complaint with the Manipur Human Rights Commission (MHRC) through a web portal HRCnet (Human Rights Commissions net) pertaining to the assault of four Tangkhul girls along Imphal Airport road near ASIAN Hospital at Kwakeithel by a mob on May 24.
The complainant accused the local administration of its inaction in the complaint lodged to the MHRC.
According to the complainant, the incident took place while the four Tangkhul girls who are residents of Namrei village in Ukhrul district were heading towards Imphal Airport in a private auto rickshaw to catch a flight yesterday.
Claiming that the mob stopped them near  ASIAN Hospital and didn't allow the vehicle to pass, the complainant continued that the girls asked why they were stopped.
The girls also declared that they were Tangkhuls en-route to the airport, she said and added that one from among the mob yelled and asked, "Are you Naga?!"
The girls identified themselves as Tangkhuls, she added.
Claiming that the mob dragged them (the four girls) by their hair on the road, the complainant went on to allege that a man also came with an iron rod in an attempt to beat them.
She further said that one of the Tangkhuls raised her hand and told them that they were Tangkhuls.
Maintaining that two people in the area advised to leave their belongings and flee from the area to save their lives, the complainant said that the four girls responded that they would not run away as they were Tangkhuls.
Saying that the auto driver also tried to pacify the mob, the complainant continued that one elderly person came after some time  and told the girls that the situation was tense as one Meetei 'was killed today (May 24).'
The elder also apologised to the girls before they left for the airport, the complainant said.