Seriousness not seen : Ibobi

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, May 25 : Former Chief Minister and CLP leader Okram Ibobi has categorically stated that seriousness on the part of the Government is yet to be seen to control the law and order crisis in Manipur.
Addressing a media briefing at Congress Bhavan at BT Road today, O Ibobi said that  the responsibility to protect the lives and properties of the people lies with the Centre and  the State Government.
Saying that the Centre needs to send the Central security forces in sensitive areas to defuse the tense atmosphere, the former Chief Minister asked why the Prime Minister and Union Home Minister are watching the lawlessness in Manipur like a drama.
Ibobi then asked if the Centre has a hidden  agenda for not uttering a single word when many families have been rendered homeless by the chain of violence taking place in Manipur since May 3.
Many innocent lives have also been killed  for no fault of theirs, he added.
Saying that the Congress party doesn't want to take political mileage from the issue , Ibobi said that the grand old party is committed to protect the State's integrity.
He further asked the double engine BJP Government to translate their tall claim into action.
Asking how much the Security Advisor Kuldiep Singh know about Manipur, Ibobi claimed that he (the Security Advisor) seems to be not acquainted enough in handling the law and order crisis.
How long can the Government keep the displaced people from both hill and valley districts at relief camps, Ibobi asked and urged the Government to take rehabilitation and resettlement works on a war footing.
The CLP leader further appealed to the Centre to hold a dialogue with the leaders of the parties in conflict to restore normalcy at the earliest.
The  situation would have been somewhat better had the State Government arranged a meeting for the representatives of all political parties with the Prime Minister, he added.
He went on to state that the Congress party gave many suggestions to de-escalate the situation in Manipur during the all-political party meeting convened in the initial stage of the conflict.
Ibobi said that he is willing to sacrifice even his life if it would mean protection of Manipur.
The CLP leader continued that they are prepared to submit a memorandum to the President and the Prime Minister to protect the unified structure of Manipur and defuse the tense atmosphere.
There would be no point of being a representative of Manipur if the State is broken apart, Ibobi said.
He nonetheless lauded Chief Minister N Biren for admitting that the conflict was triggered due to security and intelligence lapses.
Khundrakpam AC MLA Th Lokeshwar said that armed cadres of Kuki militant groups are still present in the adjoining villages of Khundrakpam and Saikul ACs.
He said that Kuki militants have torched at least four densely populated villages in Khundrakpam ACs.
Many people of the Constituency are taking shelter at different relief camps, he added.
Saying that Kuki militants are openly attacking civilians even today, the Congress MLA said that some of the Kuki militants don't understand Manipuri, Hindi and English and they are suspected to be cadres of PDF based in Myanmar.
Asking if the BJP is trying to take political mileage from the conflict, Lokeshwar asked where have all the Central leaders gone when people need them the most.