Sausage as a value added product A concept for micro-food processing sector/entrepreuneurship in Manipur

Dr Angam Raleng, Dr Ng Joykumar, Dr Wanglar Chimwar, Saroj Kumar Behera
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The chicken is then deboned, cut into small cubes, and the skin slice into thin strandsor as per requirement. Then,theyare marinated in salt for some timeto flavour and tenderise the flesh.
The marinated poultry is combined with the other ingredients such as, spices, corn starch, egg, chilli powder, turmeric powder, salt, herbs etc., mince and mix completely in a meat mincer or any food processor can also be used. With the aid of a correctly oiled funnel, the minced components are manually added, or automatic sausage filler can also be used if available.
To ensure correct removal of air bubbles and uniform filling distribution throughout the casing, the end of the casing is fastened to the bottom of the funnel, and the minced ingredients are stuffed from the top of the funnel. The sausage ends are then sealed and tied off at the desired/appropriate length. The sausage is then boiled or steamedwith clean water at 60-90ºC for 15-30 minutes followed by direct cooling in the tap water for some time.
After the water bath,the sausages are taken out from the water and is packed in normal hand sealer, or it can also bepacked in vacuum packaging machine for best storage results and shelf life. It is then stored in the deep freezer until consumption. As far as the preparation or consuming pattern is concerned, the sausage is pan fried with a little oil smeared on the pan and cooks until the sausage turns into golden brown in colour.
Then the sausage is ready to be consumed with some dipping’s or itto  taste best with the local chutney which is prepared with red chilli, garlic, onion, salt, and coriander leaves.
The standardized formulation and development process of the sausage will open a new door formaking an indigenous chicken sausage which is enrich with different health benefits, taste, and aroma from the local herbs. Th
is development will give a new horizon in the variety of sausages which is available in the local market that will give chicken lovers an all-new taste and at the same time add to the variety. And the people will get to eat chicken sausages which is indigenous developed, and with a touch of the indigenous local herbs and spices at relatively much cheaper and affordable price. Also, the local micro-food processing sector, Self Help Groups (SHGs) and the food entrepreneurs will also get new ideas and technology which will enhance the growth, production, development, and income of their enterprises and local micro-food processing sector.
The writers are from College of Food Technology, Lamphelpat, Central Agricultural University, Imphal For further details contact: - Public Relations& Media Management Cell, CAU, Imphal. Email: [email protected]