Film Forum Manipur prays for peace, harmony

IMPHAL, May 26
Conveying deepest sympathies for those afflicted by recent civic disturbances, Film Forum Manipur has appealed to the State and Central Government to take immediate action to restore peace & normalcy in Manipur.
In a release, Film Forum Manipur shared that due to the recent violence thousands of people have been displaced and are taking shelter at relief camps opened at various places.
Pointing out that the recent violence has created a fear psychosis among the people, the Forum urged the Central Government to control the armed Kuki militants and make sure they stay at their designated camps to prevent further escalation of the conflict.
The Forum also urged the Central Government to announce its stand on the prevailing situation in Manipur.
Calling the demand for separate administration by the 10 MLAs as unfortunate, Film Forum Manipur urged the MLAs to reconsider their demand for separate administration.
Film Forum Manipur further appealed to all the communities to set aside their differences and shun violence to bring back peace & harmony in the State.