Request to provide Broadband internet service for home-based employees

Most humbly I would like to draw the attention of the Government that many like me had been working as a home-based Medical Transcriptionist (Healthcare Industry) for US doctors or other employees working in IT/ITes companies where for even one day leave we have to apply 15-20 days in advance.  Now, the ongoing disruption of internet services has cost the job of many like me.  Blanket ban on internet had affected many who had nothing to do with rumor mongering or spreading of fake news, but genuine employees whose families depend on internet for their jobs.
Instead of complete blackouts, there are options like restricting access to social media platforms like youtube, facebook, instagram, whatsapp, etc. and monitoring of IP address and immediate ban on those employees who misuse internet and even blacklisting their privileges for one or two months as penalty.  By doing so, law and order problem will not be affected and at the same time employees whose livelihood and family depend on their job also does not bear the brunt of never ending but expanding complete ban.
Further, it would not be feasible to carry at 6 to 7 or more accessories (keyboard, sound booster, six to seven socket extension cords, foot pedals, etc) every time we visit NEILIT, Akampat to process our work from there and also the rate per hour of 80 rupees per hour is not economical and feasible.
So, I would like to request the Government on humanitarian ground to kindly provide broadband internet services for work from home employees under strict restriction and to deny availing any social media platforms.  I hope, this being a genuine problem for survival with current trend of unemployment and inflation gets the attention of the Government.                                                                                                                    
Yours faithfully,
K. Shivasunder Singh
Keishampat Leimajam Leikai,
Imphal, Manipur State
Contact no: 8974585381