Centre invokes Article 355 as situation worsens

Guwahati, May 4
The Centre has reportedly invoked Article 355 of the Constitution in Manipur as the situation in the violence-hit State worsened on Thursday.
Article 355 of the Constitution deals with an emergency provision by which the Centre can intervene and protect a State against external aggression or internal disturbance.
It stipulates that maintenance of law and order of a State will come under the Centre.
Additional Central security forces have been deployed in the trouble-torn areas of Manipur.
A total of five companies of the Rapid Action Force (RAF) of the CRPF were flown to Imphal on Thursday at the direction of the Union Home Ministry.
The Army and Assam Rifles carried out flag marches in the violence-affected areas.
Lieutenant Colonel Mahendra Rawat, Defence PRO Guwahati, said columns of the Army and Assam Rifles were brought in to control the situation on Wednesday night.
“The violence was arrested by the morning. Approximately 4,000 people were given shelter in Army and Assam Rifles Company Operating Bases and State Government premises at various places. Flag marches are being conducted to keep the situation under control,” Rawat said.
The Imphal-Churachandpur road has been secured by security forces to prevent any further violence or disturbances in the area.
Earlier in the day,  Manipur Governor authorised all District Magistrates, Sub-Divisional Magistrates and all Executive Magistrates/Special Executive Magistrates to issue shoot at sight orders ‘in extreme cases whereby all forms of persuasion, warning, reasonable force etc has been exhausted’.
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