History - A New Perspective

Dr Ranbir  Laishram

Every creation in the Universe is a history
Every soul on this earth has a history behind him
Also his present doings will become a history, a moment later.

Some store his invaluable life experiences,
Deep inside his immortal spirit,
Takes along his life's lessons to the grave.

History is a bridge that connects past with the present
Without history, we have no future
The past gives value to our present.

Novelist writes different types of history
History is someone's  passion
A realisation that there are -

Times we need to study history
Times when we are part of history
Times to create our own history.

History is a lesson,a relentless master
Often called the "source of all knowledge"
It allows us to step inside the mind of those who have shaped the world.

Get Inspirarion from historical events and legends for a better and satisfied life.
It allows us to understand how we got to where we are today.
A new perspective of one's history :“How one creates his history;

His sense of humility;
His compassion for fellow human beings;
How well he lives his own life...

All these will be a treasure of knowledge and lesson for others.
However, men often fail to  learn from the lessons that history teaches us.