Calling for peace and relief

Free Thinker
In the last few days, we have seen violence and bloodshed in the State.  It is extremely unfortunate that we have lost precious lives and immense properties. The world has emulated the non-violence means from us for their movements. Here, we are behaving on the contrary. We belong to the land of Buddha and Gandhi where peace and non-violence have been the essence of struggle.
Is there anything that can’t be sorted out without violence ? Our Hon. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji had spoken to the world leaders like Putin ji – “Now is not the time for War”. Here, we are committing the same mistake. We have started indulging in violence (or created war-like situations).
Luckily, as per the latest information now the situation has been brought under a semblance control with the help of the Army, Paramilitary forces, Assam Rifles, and local police. Barring some sporadic incidents here and there the overall situation is fairly under control.
The issue of Article 355 is perhaps clear; the Center hasn’t invoked either Article 335 or 356 as of now ( no notification is visible so far). However, the situation is closely monitored by the Union Home Minister himself. The Union Home Minister is constantly in touch with the CM.
Manipur may be a tiny State with just a population of about 3.5 million but its problems are unlimited and unending.
It has about 35 ethnic groups including the dominant Hindu Meiteis. Some vested interest groups are trying to project this issue as Hindus vs Christians. It is not exactly the position, but it is certainly an ethnic clash triggered by immature minds.
Now, the Meitei ST issue is in the Court; let the Court decide the next course of action. Let us have faith in the Rule of Law. Of course, we are also dealing with unlawful groups - still, we believe that they also have faith in natural justice.
The property damaged or destroyed shall be properly reconstructed by the Government.  Lives lost can’t be compensated but the Government must do something for the bereaved families. Dignity and respect ought to be shown to the deceased. State representatives must visit the families of the victims and give an immediate compensation of Rs 1 crore each. Injured must be treated free of cost.
In a riot-like situation, it is difficult to trace the culprits but it is the bounden duty of the State to look for the instigators and disgruntled elements who are behind this unreasonable violence and bloodshed; they must be brought to book.
Violence begets violence; no one is Gandhiji – you can’t extend the right cheek when slapped on the left cheek. However, as long as we can restrain ourselves, we must. The moot question is who started the violence. If we try to blame one another – nothing will come out of it.  Blaming one another can’t lead to an amicable settlement.
Earlier many have told the competent authorities that nowadays we are under the shadow of the ‘Golden Triangle ‘. Drug money and arms can do anything in a small society like ours; drug cartels might have been involved in the present crisis. Because they can supply unlimited money and arms to any party who is helping and pampering them. These druglords are getting tacit support from powerful leaders and politicians inside and outside. Common people may not comprehend the implications of such a humongous conspiracy.
Refugees from the neighboring country are on the rise due to obvious political reasons; they are closely connected with our people at the borders by language and culture. That is why they are accepted without much hue and cry. There is no counting too. We ignore it as there are global diplomatic implications. The concern is – what are they doing ?
ST issue is made the culprit to divide the people. The real issues are fragmented and conjuring – irritated insurgents, isolated drug lords, illegal immigrants, forest encroachers, unequal power sharing, forest dwellers, and gullible emotional people.
It is estimated that nearly 15 thousand people are displaced because of this sudden turmoil. Some are still in the shelter camps run by the police & security forces. Many have been shifted to their homes or to the houses of their relatives. For a small State like ours, a dislocation of 15 thousand people is a humongous challenge. As the CM has admitted few precious lives have also been lost (extremely sad). Property worth several crores has been destroyed (very bad).
Please return the guns, most of them are under repair and many are still in use for the trainees – a pertinent request coming from the competent authorities.  It appears that no one will be punished for handling the guns – it may be construed that these were taken for self-defense. Otherwise, if caught red-handed later on– it may be treated as robbery and tried for treason.
Every right-thinking citizen wants the restoration of peace at any cost. Differences can be sorted out later. Violence and bloodshed must stop at once.
Amit Shah ji is watching us live for our safety and security. He has canceled his election campaign programs in Karnataka. Sir, let the troops be stationed for the time being till complete normalcy is redeemed.