Of people and communities

Schindler Potsangbam
Variation is a fact of nature and people are no exception to this.
To ease this, a community is a group of people with a common characteristic or interest living together within a larger society. And people are part of it, which means WE are part of it.
I may be writing this sitting somewhere else far from the place I belong, but trust me I know exactly what it feels like and here I am saying on behalf of every community alike.
We’re living in a chaotic period when our Meitei and tribal brothers and sisters have been made to feel very different, made to feel a shadow over their very names and identities, houses being burned down, children being killed, and violence all over this piece of beautiful landlocked land. I am here to elaborate on how connected and dependent we are as communities, and without us being us we are not complete.
I remember the days when I used to go to my friend’s house on Kut and have a nice exotic meal there, and I am sure he loved it when he enjoyed those local dishes of my culture on Cheiraoba.
I remember going to his village to enjoy a nice evening on Gang Ngai and that friend still calls me during Yaosang asking if I am free so that we could go out for Thabal Chongba.            (To be contd)