An open letter to the Prime Minister of India

In democracy, more specifically Indian democracy which is called the largest democracy in the world, mutual respect and honour is the guiding principle of command and confidence not based on the post one holds but based on moral principle of equality and justice.
You are always spearheading extermination of terrorism. While you are advocating anti-terrorism propaganda for the cause of Gandhian Ahimsa, your silence signals being unconcerned about the Kuki narco-terrorism violence including incendiarism and indiscriminate killings of innocent villagers and farmers. It is not a good omen for you to turn a deaf ear and play mute when your own people are being attacked indiscriminately by the alien Kuki narco-terrorists.
You are required to come to the rescue of the suffering Meeteis.
You are watching something which is not permitted by rule of law. As a leader of the country you must rise to the occasion to protect your people from the foreign invasion. This is not the time for political game.
Your advocacy of anti-terrorism is laudable because you command confidence of the people by recognising Pakistan as a terrorist country. As Head of GOI your utter silence on the genocidal crimes of Kuki narco-terrorists is unacceptable. A Government must act and not merely watch.
Kuki narco-terrorists burn homes to ashes and more than 60,000 Meeteis are homeless. Many unarmed Meeteis were killed by these devils. It is a great challenge to a civilised Government and as such, this critical situation full of woes and sufferings should not be left unattended to. Food, medicine, shelter and other necessary items are provided by massive contribution without any support from the Government as well.
The need of the hour is to bring peace and normalcy in Manipur.
1. Suspension of Operation pact turns to be lawlessness and the Indian might should exhibit its eagerness for the containment of lawlessness created by Kuki-terrorists.
2. Since Myanmarese Kuki narco-terrorists are involved, the Central Armed Forces should be directly engaged in counter-terrorism to completely fulfil their mission in no time.
3. State security forces must be stationed at regular intervals of vulnerable areas providing security and protection to the local villagers, farmers and cultivators who are working in the fields.
4. Those illegal Kuki migrants who infiltrated into Manipur should be identified and deported to their homeland, Myanmar Chin Hills.
5. As long as these devilish narco-terrorists haunt, peace and normalcy will be a far cry.
6. Any claim for separate administration or Kuki homeland in Manipur is illogical and hence unattainable. They should be given appropriate outlet in accordance with their characteristic savagery.
7. The past glory of Meetei Kingdom whose accounts were left attended to by the Western writers and Meetei scriptural texts had been structured on the superstructure of a Meetei Nation-State.
Yours faithfully,
Haobam Indrakumar,