Rebuttal to 'Stop the partisan conduct, COCOMI advises'

The Sangai Express has published an article dated 14 Jul 2023 titled 'Stop the partisan conduct, COCOMI advises'. In the article published, COCOMI has presented a series of baseless and hostile claims regarding Assam Rifles and its alleged inaction in the State. Such accusations are not only unfounded but also undermine the integrity and credibility of the security forces. It is essential to address these assertions with facts and reason, rather than succumbing to conjectures and insinuation.
The Assam Rifles, operates strictly under the authority and jurisdiction of the Central Government, and its primary role is to maintain peace, security, and integrity in the region of responsibility. The claim that Assam Rifles is meddling with the affairs of the State lacks all evidence.
Furthermore, suggesting that Assam Rifles has a secret agenda to promote narco-terrorism is a serious allegation that demands concrete proof. Assam Rifles has diligently worked in collaboration with local law enforcement agencies to combat drug and other contraband trafficking in the State. Since Jun 2020 till Jun 2023, a total of Rs 3500 Cr worth of contraband has been seized by Assam Rifles in NE. This year has seen Rs 971.58 Cr worth of contraband seized by AR in NE. The organisation making sweeping generalizations without providing any substantial evidence only serves to tarnish the reputation of the Assam Rifles and spread baseless fear among the public.
The allegation that Assam Rifles is not proactive when it comes to the' protection of the Meitei residents is another fallacious narrative with no base. Assam Rifles has ensured zero Meitei casualities in the minority pockets during the initial days of the conflict. Our columns deployed in Churachandpur and Moreh especially were instrumental in the safe evacuation of local Meiteis. Approx. 2000 Meiteis from Serou in Kakching and 110 from Phaisangjang were evacuated by AR during peak strife thereby doing its bounden duty of protecting innocent civilians from any form of violence or harm.
As for the grave and disgraceful claim of a potential presence of narco-terrorists within the Assam Rifles troops, any such assertion must be substantiated with credible evidence and thoroughly investigated before being propagated. Irresponsible speculation without proper verification undermines the hard work and sacrifices made by the men and women serving in the Assam Rifles.
Lastly, suggesting that the Assam Rifles takes away and saves captured narco-terrorists is an outrageous accusation. The Assam Rifles is an integral part of the Indian security apparatus and is committed to upholding the rule of law. They collaborate closely with other law enforcement agencies to ensure the arrest and prosecution of individuals involved in criminal activities, including drug trafficking.
In conclusion, the facts twisting statements by COCOMI lacks evidence to support its claims and engages in sinister speculations, which can be detrimental to the trust the local population places in Assam Rifles. Assam Rifles has been the first responder along with Indian Army during the first brunt of the violence when opportunistic organisations were found without any strategy or plan of action to lend a helping hand to the battered local population.
As the law and order situation is moving albeit slowly towards normalcy, such bluffs are being peddled to foment inter community mistrust to stay relevant.
It is appealed to the press to have a fair and unbiased perspective while evaluating the actions of this organisation. Assam Rifles has an upright reputation of transparent investigations, appropriate disciplinary measures, and collaborative efforts that preserves integrity of the organisation since its inception. Such reckless views and diversionary comments made by individuals, projected through the esteemed media may be avoided as this may lead to firming up of a falsified narrative which is regrettable.
Yours faithfully,
Lieutenent Colonel,
Staff Officer
(Public Relations & Media)