Video clip going viral all over Shame before humanity

The Kukis started it. The charred and demolished remains of hundreds of houses at Torbung stand mute testimony to this. There can be no argument over this, much as attempts are being made to overlook the genesis of the clash. This was on May 3, 2023. The Meiteis retaliated, not as hurt and aggrieved human beings, but as animals, replete with all the characteristics that one normally associates with the lowliest of the low. Maybe it is the poverty in the vocabulary of The Sangai Express or a poverty in the English language, but there just does not seem to be enough words to run down the despicable video clip of the two girls being paraded naked for one and all to see. As things have transpired, this was on May 4, that is one day after the first match stick was struck at Torbung and which soon engulfed the whole of Manipur, claiming over 140 lives and razing to the ground countless number of homes and sending thousands more to relief centres opened all over the State. The video clip, which has gone viral on the internet, has also obviously jolted the senses of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and out came his first ever reference, 79 days after the clash started. ‘Accused will not be spared, Manipur incident has put 140 crore Indians to shame’ were his first few words while reacting to the despicable video clip. The Prime Minister was bang on target and here The Sangai Express would like to qualify the term ‘put 140 crore Indians to shame’ with ‘put 14 or so lakh of Meiteis to shame.’ To the Kukis who have been championing the ‘separate administration’ call, it could mean giving a big push to the ‘cannot live with them’ stand. It is shameful, unacceptable and exposes the bestial mentality of some whose only claim to fame would rest on flexing their muscles and demonstrating their strength in their own courtyard. When did parading two naked girls out on in the public become a part of saving the idea of Manipur ? If at all a boost has been given to the demand for a separate administration, then it is this act, such acts which have come from within the Meitei community. At the moment, some of the main accused may take shelter in the custody of the police but can they live with the thought of stripping two girls and parading them naked in the public sphere ? Tragic it is that it is such elements may have succeeded in painting a false character of every Meitei before the global community.
Over two months long and it should have become clear to anyone with a modicum of human senses that the ongoing clash is much more than just physical confrontation or letting brute force do the talk. Politics of clash and this is something which is much more than flexing one’s muscles on one’s own courtyard. ‘Eigi Shumangda Hero Saba Matam Natte’ (Not the time play hero in one’s own courtyard) is something which should be drilled into the heads of all those who have been showing their strength on the roads and lanes of Imphal and in the adjoining valley districts. Look and try to understand the politics that is at play. There is politics written all over the fact that the video clip, which was taken on May 4, was leaked to the public just a day before the monsoon session of the Parliament. It is this type of politics that is at play here and on the other hand are a bunch of demented minds demonstrating their baser instinct in front of the camera. Nothing can get more tragic for Manipur than this. Choosing the right time in delivering a point powerful enough to break the uncanny silence of the Prime Minister and clearly the Kukis seem to be marching way ahead of the Meiteis. In one video clip it has given a sort of credence to the victim story that has been doctored and created the right noise to draw Delhi’s attention away from Torbung where the first seed of the ongoing clash was sown. Giving it finesse and a semblance of truism to the victim story are a bunch of demented minds who come under the name of Meitei men.