New clip from Bengal shows 2 women being 'stripped naked'

The BJP, on Saturday, alleged that two tribal women were stripped naked and tortured a few days ago in West Bengal’s Malda district. The video clip comes right amid the outrage pouring in over the May 4 Manipur video.
BJP’s I-T department head Amit Malviya, who is also the party’s co-incharge for the State, took to Twitter and said the incident took place in Malda’s Pakuahat area on July 19, with a “frenzied mob baying for her blood".
Malviya said, “The horror continues in West Bengal. Two tribal women were stripped naked, tortured and beaten merci- lessly, while police remain- ed a mute spectator in Pakua Hat area of Bamangola Police Station, Malda." Malviya also posted a video with blurred images of the crime.
The video shows the women being attacked by a mob, leaving them traumatised and severely injured.
According to North East India Blog, nobody has filed an official complaint with the police yet. However, investigations are underway to identify the perpetrators behind the attack.
“It had all the making of a tragedy that should have ‘broken’ Mamata Banerjee’s heart and she, instead of merely outraging, could have acted, since she is also the Home Minister of Bengal," his tweet said.
Malviya took a jibe at TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee, who has been raucous in criticising the Manipur incident.
The Opposition parties have been targeting the BJP over the incident of two women being paraded naked in the violence hit-Manipur, where it is in power. On the other hand, the party has been highlighting similar cases of atrocities against women in States ruled by its rivals such as the Congress and Trinamool Congress.
Following the hit, CPI(M) leader Brinda Karat said that the Malda incident should not be compared to that of Manipur. She added that, “Atrocities against women in any part of the country are condemnable."
The Bengal incident wherein Adivasi women can be seen beating other Adivasi women is condemnable, said Karat. “It is just an example of West Bengal Government’s lawlessness," she added.
Further, taking a swipe at Banerjee, Malviya said she chose to do nothing in the case. If she had expressed any anguish or condemn against the act she would have had accepted her own failure, he added.
Malviya went on saying that the next day she cried profusely and screamed blue murder because it was befitting the situation politically.
His reaction comes after Banerjee’s attack on the BJP over the Manipur incident which sparked a nationwide outrage after a video of the May 4 incident went viral. News 18