“Accusations aimed at maligning the image of Assam Rifles”Subject: Rebuttal: Article published in The Sangai Express on 21 Jul 2023, ‘MPP EEFAM, CFJM condemn act defiling modesty of two women.’

Dear Editor,
The Sangai Express in its 21 July 23 publication presented an allegation made by General Secretary (Media) , Manipur people’s party, that  “Assam Rifles and Central Security Forces personnel have been accused of killing innocent Manipuri civilians and sexually assaulting and killing women and that the culprits of these crimes have not yet been appropriately punished.”
Such sweeping accusations not only lack credibility but also disregard the unwavering commitment of Assam Rifles in upholding law and order in the region. The aforesaid unverified, malicious statement is clearly aimed at maligning the image of Assam Rifles and fan hatred against this security force which has been deployed across the state to safeguard the citizenry during these difficult times.
We categorically reject the notion that the culprits of these alleged crimes have not been appropriately dealt with. Assam Rifles has consistently demonstrated its dedication to accountability and transparency, ensuring that any personnel found guilty of misconduct are subjected to strict disciplinary actions and brought to justice through the appropriate legal channels. Assam Rifles stands united in defending the honor and integrity of the citizens and upholds the principle of “innocent until proven guilty.”
Given the law and order situation in the state currently, when the Government Agencies are involved in maintaining law, order and peace in the state, such malicious statements may incite hatred, disaffection and violence against the Assam Rifles, an effective agency of the Government.
 We require that the media exercise utmost responsibility and refrain from spreading misinformation that can sow seeds of discord and mistrust against this prestigious organisation that has served the nation with valour and dedication since centuries.
Aabha KS
Leiutenent Colonel
Staff Officer
(PublicRelations& Media)