Where are the water tight cases Not the time for hot air

Documentation. In short the records. And it is on the basis of records that the European Parliament discussed the Manipur issue, particularly the burning and desecration of Churches. That this did not go down well with Delhi is a different matter, but this more than demonstrates that CSOs representing the Kuki people can reach far and wide. To counter this, do the Meiteis have the needed record, proofs to show as evidences that their places of worship too have been desecrated and defiled underlining the point that it is not only Churches which have been razed to the ground but sites sacred to the Meiteis too ? It took the nude parade of two girls to let the Prime Minister break his deafening silence on the violence in Manipur and cast the Meiteis in extremely poor light in front of the comity of Nations, but the question of greater importance is whether the Meiteis also have any proof to evidence that they have also been subjected to such similar treatment ? What are the steps that have been taken up to set the narrative right, or are the CSOs representing the interests of the Meiteis just satisfied with that they want to say to the Imphal based media and fail to reach out beyond Manipur ? Take a look at the stuffs that are being published and posted by the different media houses across India and the world. Take a look at any of better known international publications and India based media houses and it is more than obvious that the Kukis have sold their victim story in a convincing manner to the outside world. The opinion of the world and particularly Delhi matters and this is a point which should not blow over the heads of anyone, particularly those who have been at the forefront batting for the existence of Manipur as a distinct geo-political reality. Reach out is the call one would like to stress and this is not the time to remain smug and satisfied with just playing to the audience based at the valley. If the Kuki CSOs have been able to take Mizoram along with their stand, why can’t Manipur reach out to the other North East States to at least say something in favour of the State and her people ? These are points which everyone standing by the idea of a Manipur should mull over.
What materials or records were presented to the Chairperson of the National Commission for Women, Rekha Sharma when she visited the State from the side of the CSOs representing the Meiteis ? How about the CSOs representing the Kukis ? Did the importance of the visit dawn on any of the CSOs based in Imphal ? The visit of the NCW Chairperson is important especially in the backdrop of the video clip of the nude parade of the two women and this is where the earlier question of whether any of the reported excesses have been documented or not. Time to move beyond sloganeering  and local road blockades and come to the realisation that what is happening in Manipur is now under global watch. And to present any credible case before the comity of Nations, it is hard evidence that the world would want. It has to move beyond the stage of the talks doing the round on the social media or the leikai clubs. It is nearly 90 days since Manipur went up in flames and the violence in the State may come up for discussion any day in the Monsoon session of Parliament. Is Lok Sabha MP Dr RK Ranjan well primed to present the case of Manipur effectively ? For that he would need to present evidences and can the CSOs based in Imphal provide the needed documentary proofs ? How about the Rajya Sabha MP Leishemba Sanajaoba ? Or will they be caught on the wrong foot for want of any hard evidence to be presented on the floor of Parliament ? Time for everyone to pull up their socks. Not the time to play Leikai heroes but prepare documents that can find takers before everyone and not only the Imphal media.