Amit Shah on intrusion, drug smuggling Talking truth, reality

Reflecting the reality. Union Home Minister Amit Shah was bang on target in striking the nail on the head, though one wish that the strike was delivered a little more powerfully. Why the May 4 nude parade was uploaded on the social media and made to go viral just one day ahead of the Monsoon session of Parliament, was a question Amit Shah raised during his address to Parliament and though it was raised as a poser,  the answer lies in the very question itself. That such a question has been raised should tell the undiluted truth and such gutter level politics is not something which will cut ice with either the Union Home Minister or New Delhi itself. It was not, repeat not, uploaded to seek justice for the victims, but to swing the narrative in favour of those whose primary objective is to dismember Manipur and take one more step closer to the demand of a separate administration. Nothing but adding one more degree of indignity to the two women victims. Large scale infiltration from across the border is another point delivered by the Union Home Minister and this falls perfectly in line with the rising call for a National Register of Citizens, a demand raised not only by the different Meitei organisations but also from the side of the Naga people-the two people who are indigenous to Manipur. Large scale infiltration from across the border was qualified by the line, ‘after the military coup’ in Myanmar, and to buttress this point Amit Shah talked of the illegal immigrants settling on the soil of Manipur. This is where the submission of the Solicitor General of India to the Supreme Court some days back that many of those killed are infiltrators from across the border becomes all that more significant. The State Government has already given some details on the number of illegal immigrants detected in Manipur and one here is talking only about those who have been detected leaving the possibility of many more having gone undetected wide open.   It should be clear. The Union Home Minister would not have picked up his observation from thin air and it would have been backed by solid evidences, and this is where the yarn spun around the ongoing clash lies exposed. A case of the Government of India understanding the issue of the ongoing clash, even though some may try to garb this under the victim tale, that have been flouted with impunity, to quote and modify a line uttered by Saikot Assembly Constituency MLA Paolenlial Haokip while speaking to the media on April 28.
The vast scale poppy cultivation by the Kuki-Chin community estimated to be spread across 13,121.8 acres of land should also be seen in the context of the admission of the Union Home Minister that narcotics trade from Myanmar has picked up. This line from Amit Shah should be read and understood along with the large scale intrusion from across the border, the declaration of 58 new villages in areas that come under Protected or Reserved Forest and by extension the ‘narco-terrorism’ slogan raised by COCOMI. As professionals engaged in the job of disseminating information to the public it has not missed the eyes and observation of The Sangai Express that ever since Manipur went up in flames on May 3, the cases of drugs seized after having passed through Mizoram have become daily affairs. Earlier it was Manipur and Mizoram which figured in any drug seizure case in the North East region but the focus  has now shifted to Mizoram, and this should tell its own very significant story. Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not speak much on Manipur during his speech at Parliament, but the very fact that his deputy Amit Shah did and covered a range of subjects on Manipur should more than suffice that New Delhi has spoken and this is significant. The call for NRC and the opposition raised to it should be seen in the correct perspective. Only those afraid of being detected will oppose any move to cleanse Manipur of illegal immigrants whose only claim to fame may be to wage ‘narco-terrorism’ to borrow a term from COCOMI.