AR rebuts news item under caption ‘Locals demand withdrawal of AR from Pallel’

We wish to address the article published in "The Sangai Express" on 06 August 2023, which discusses the activities of the Assam Rifles in the Pallel area. While we hold the media's role in informing the public in high regard, it is of paramount importance to present a well-rounded and accurate perspective on the events at hand.
Pallel town of Kakching district is unique as in the current tumultuous times the area has remained a bastion of peace. Most likely it is the only place in Manipur where all communities reside together and no violent incident has occurred since 03 May 2023. The same is attributable to participation of communities in trust building meetings, cohesion between district administration, paramilitary forces, Indian Army and Assam Rifles.
As mentioned in the aforesaid article, Assam Rifles has been organising peace talks between all communities and ensuring a safe and secure environment for all through commitment, untiring efforts and deployment all around the town & in buffer zones. Assam Rifles has maintained healthy communication with and within residents of Pallel Town and has made lot of efforts to ward off rumours and to normalise the sensitive situation.
The article contains unsubstantiated claims aimed at tarnishing the reputation of the Assam Rifles by suggesting that their deployment is causing issues for civilians in Pallel. The deployment in the Kakching Area is essentially preventive in nature and is aimed at reassuring both the communities involved. The deployment also aims to create adequate reaction time for the Security Forces to prevent any escalation.  
The article raises concerns expressed by specific local group regarding construction of some additional bunkers by Assam Rifles. It's important to clarify that the structure referred to as "bunkers" was actually a temporary check post that was still in the process of being established. The check post was set up with the intention of monitoring the movement of miscreants and preventing the inflow of war-like stores into Pallel. It's worth noting that the check post was positioned along the road and did not obstruct civilian movement. Contrary to the allegations made in the article, they were not located on farmland.
The Assam Rifles has consistently demonstrated a firm commitment to preserve peace and harmony in Kakching- Pallel area. The diligent efforts of Assam Rifles have played a pivotal role in preventing any unfortunate incidents of communal violence since 03 May 2023.
It is essential to acknowledge that multiple communities coexist at Pallel. The deployment of the Assam Rifles serves the interests of all these communities by ensuring security. The deployment of Assam Rifles is not carried out in isolation; it is a result of careful coordination with the State Forces and a thorough understanding of dynamic threat perception.
The Assam Rifles proactively engages in communication and is dedicated to collaborate with all security forces and communities, recognising that this approach is essential for achieving enduring peace. The Assam Rifles urges all communities to continue this communication for the betterment of the region. Assam Rifles continues to remain committed to maintain peace in area through its non-partisan, fair & transparent approach.
Yours faithfully,
Aabha KS,
Lieutenent Colonel
Staff Officer
(Public Relations & Media)