Open letter to RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat

On 3rd May, 2023, in the Kuki inhabited Churachandpur district, Kuki intruders, illegal immigrants, drug smugglers started burning houses and killing the innocent Hindu Meiteis, and other than the houses of the Meiteis many houses and properties of Tamils and Muslims residing in Moreh town of Tengnoupal District were burnt indiscriminately. These Kukis have done these  acts against humanity just to occupy an area for their separate administration and carry on their illegal activities hurting mankind. This mayhem started due to a decision of Government of Manipur to evict houses of illegal immigrants, intruders, drug smugglers from the Reserved Forest Area, destroying poppy plantations, strictly restricting drug smuggling, demanding National Register of Citizens (NRC).
It is believed that  Kukis don't have any exact history of their own, their origin etc. Kukis are not indigenous to Manipur. They are foreigners who took refuge in our State. They have taken refugee funds three times dated 22nd April, 1959, 28th February, 1966, 7th July, 1969. They are illegal infiltrators, intruders, illegal immigrants. These illegal people are also drug smugglers. They dream of Kuki land in Manipur so that they can have another Golden Triangle. And they are searching for a piece of land anywhere in the world so that they can get included in the World Map and get an identity.
War has been going on between Hindu Meiteis and the illegal Kukis. It is an external aggression, cross-border terrorism that was pre-planned which is a threat to National Security. The present Governor of Manipur has also stated that the armed group from Myanmar may also be involved in this war.
In front of Indian Security Forces, Kukis burnt down houses and properties of Hindu Meiteis. Kukis have been attacking the innocent Hindu Meiteis with sophisticated automatic weapons and with bombs. Indian Security Forces are not taking any action against these illegal Kukis. We seek immediate help from you to save the Hindu community (Meiteis). Pull back all the Indian Security Forces from Manipur. We Hindu Meitei will fight till our last breath with these Kuki infiltrators, intruders, illegal immigrants, drug smugglers for the sake of our future Manipur, for the sake of our future Bharat.
In the whole NE Mongoloid State of India, Meiteis are the only Hindu. We Mongoloid Meitei stay in the Border State of India far away from the mainland. Do Aryans in mainland India don’t consider us as Hindus ? You want only the land of Manipur, you don’t love the Mongoloid Hindu Meiteis. Why should we be proud of being Hindus ? Why should we be proud of being Indians ? Being head of the world’s largest organisation and one of the most powerful Hindu organisations why have you been a silent spectator ?
Yours faithfully,
Konjengbam Candle,
Tera Keithel,