An open letter to the Hon’ble PM of India, New Delhi

Hon’ble Sir,
The people of Manipur expected high hopes from your speech on the 19th July, 2023. The mass believed that your words will be a shower to the peoples & extinguish the flame of hatred among the Kukis and Meiteis. On the contrary, we are disillusioned on hearing your one sided speech. It seems that you are wrongly informed or briefed by the inteligence. In this connection, I would like enlighten you a few points:-
1. The video parading two women in naked is a great crime against humanity. It is condemned by all concerned when it surfaced 78 days after the incident.
Who hid the video for so many days and for what ?
2. What you will do if your house and your father/brothers’ houses numbering about 1000 (one thousand) were burnt on the evening of 3rd May, 2023 by the armed Kuki Militants at Churachandpur, Kangpokpi, Moreh etc simuntaneously under the ethnic cleaning programme for Kukiland. Is not this a cruel crime against humanity ? The poor armless Meitei villagers have lost everything except their life. What was their fault ? Have you fixed responsibility for these catastrope? What penalty you have given to the Kuki Terrorists Who are using Sniper/Telescopic Rifles.
3. On 28th May, 2023 Smt. Sorokhaibam Ibetombi Devi an old woman of 80 (eighty) years was burnt alive in her own house at Serou village, Kakching District, Manipur. She was wife of an Indian freedom fighter (TAMAPATRA AWARDEE) Late Sri. Sorokhaibam Churachand Singh. Have you condemned the incident ? What action has been taken against the security personnel ? Who permitted to burn more than 500 houses at Serou & Sugnu village of Kakching District, on 28th May, 2023 under the very nose of Central Security Forces. Who ordered them to remain silent spectators ?
The root causes of this ethnic clash or narco-terrorism are (i) The present State Govt. started identification of illegal immigrants from Myanmar (Pre-NRC exercise). (ii) Strong drive against the encroachers in the Reserved and Protected Forest area of Manipur. (iii) War on Drugs (Destroying of lakhs of popy plants etc.) in Kuki dominated hill districts of Manipur.
1. The Kukis want a “Separate Administration “ or “Kuki land” a land where they can grow popy plants and conduct business on drugs with impunity by bifrucating from Manipur.
2. Some Kukis of Manipur specially politicians & druglords encourage illegal immigration of Chin-Kuki Peoples from Myanmar. They arrange their Aadhaar & Voter cards and assist in establishing new Kuki villages. They get cheap labours as well as strong support in election.
3. The Kuki Militants wanted to expand their proposed Kuki land or (Zalengam/Zo Country). They are burning the houses of the Meiteis in the adjoining areas of Churachandpur, Chandel, Tengnoupal and Kangpokpi Districts. Till today, they are firing even to the armless cultivators/villagers. They are killing cows also. It is shamefull !
1. Demand of the Meiteis are : “No Separate Administration or Kuki Union Territory” in Manipur.
2. The Suspension of Operation (SoO) with Kuki Militants should be abrogated or their arms should be controlled by the Indian Army/Security Forces.
3. The NRC should be implemented strictly in Manipur as per law. The illegal Kuki -Chin immigrants from Myanmar should be deported to their country as per International Law/Convention. They should be treated as refugees.
4. The Meitei/Meetei should be included in the Scheduled Tribe list of India.
5. The National Highways should be free from looting by the terrorists.
1. The Govt. of India should appoint a small committee of neutral persons (2/3 members) as Facilatators/Negotiators among the Govt. of India/Manipur Meitei and Kuki leaders.
2. The peace committee should consists of reputed politicians, CSOs & Religious Leaders of Naga, Meitei & Kuki etc. The members should be around 15 only.
3. The Peace Committee should visit Churachandpur, Moreh and Kangpokpi etc. Discuss with the leading leaders of the agitators. They should act as messengers of Peace between the Govt. of Manipur, Kuki and Meitei leaders and people to people. The committee should be funded by the Govt. of Manipur.
The purpose Kukiland will bring more headache to the Govt. of India. The reasons are (i) Demand for more than 100 New States will come up, in India. (ii) Manipur is ancient Kingdom and recognised by the International Treaty of Yandaboo (Myanmar) in 1826 AD. (iii) Manipur was merged with India on 15th October, 1949. (iv) Many Kukis are refugees. A refugee can’t claim homeland in a foreign country ie Manipur/India. The Meiteis will go to International Court of Justice, (v) The Govt. of Manipur/India should be resettled rehabitated at the IDPS at an early date.
Lastly, I appeal to your wisdom and take decisions to bring peace and harmony for a united Manipur. Long Live Manipur & India.
Yours sincerely,
( Sapam Bheigya )
Manipur Historical Society, Imphal.