The trio of Modi, Biren, Shah now exposes an inconclusive tragic series

Dr H Indrakumar
The longer one holds political reins in the ruling echelon will eventually lead to dictatorial or autocratic behaviours. It may not be generalised differing from leader to leader in the case of Indian democracy. The dramatic scenario at the time of election campaign for BJP had been too melodious to win the hearts of multitude of Meeteis. The mandate was a conclusive verdict to fulfil the promises. In the Indian Constitution or any statute except AFSPA, I think, no provision should be there to tolerate any terrorism in any part of India. In the trilogy the three prototype actors are acting negatively in a wrong path stimulating a tragic response to the Meeteis. The Central Security Forces must give security to the victims. They are alarmed with mistaken concept of victims who are totally suffering from the aggressive attacks of Kuki narco-terrorists. The Assam Rifles are enjoying while the Kuki narco-terrorists are attacking the Meeteis, torching their houses and killing the innocent villagers. The tragic scene of inhuman and demonic activities with uncontrollable blessings of trilogy folks deliberately missed authoritative safety measures. The absent-mindness of Modi, the double standard of Shah and the paralympic leadership of Biren have combined together encouraged directly the narco-terrorist activities. Why are the Central Security Forces reluctant to combat these narco-terrorists? The moment they contained these enemies, the war against foreign invasion would come to an end.
As long as the presence of Myanmarese narco-terrorists persists there would be no peace and normalcy in India. In case the Executive and the Legislature fail to take decision the Judiciary is bound to decide in favour of the victims and can instruct the Centre to take up immediate action for maintaining law and order. No policy framework nor any decision-making process was undertaken so far in order to put an end to the war game of narco-terrorism.
As I said earlier, the Central Forces are an eyewash, because they are just like idle spectators when the narco-terrorists used to commit crimes indulging in killing, looting, plundering, kidnapping and genocidal atrocities involving incendiarism. Their greediness, savagery and cruelty are beyond description. More than 2000 houses of innocent Meeteis had been burnt down to ashes and more than 200 innocent villagers including farmers,
old folks and children had been killed mercilessly.
Modi was very much shocked and heart-broken
at the sight of of the videio clip which showed
two Kuki women being paraded naked whereas at the same time he could not be moved more or less with the same passion on the daily atrocities, killings and incendiarism committed by Kuki narco-terrorists. Amit Shah fails to keep his words that he would control the hills and Kukis. Volley of questions may emerge in the event of integrity of the two leaders as regards their failure in homefront.
In this critical moment, Biren’s role as CM is vital. He must pay heed to the voices of the people which are God’s voice that is echoed to save and secure. An able leader does not necessarily wait for high command. Biren had committed a cumbersome blunder, like unnecessary Central para-military forces. He brought them but he could not use them for the purpose he sought for. It is right time for him as CM to take up very prompt action to maintain law and order discarding his master’s voice from Delhi.
Modi, Shah and their forces have been enjoying carelessness while the innocent Meeteis are thrown into the jaws of carnivorous narco-terrorists. Tactical move and strategic policy should be formulated for the vulnerable areas by holding back the Central para-military forces. Awake! Arise ! Muster the power and strength mandated by the people without waiting for dictate from Delhi where Modi and Shah are ailing from dementia and absent-mindedness. There is no compulsion to wait for further command. It will be mandatory on the part of a leader of the State to take immediate action in consonance with the voice of the victimised people.
An able leader is he who can exterminate the migrant narco-terrorists. Be not afraid! Expose the false drama of aggressive destabilisation. The only means to bring peace and normalcy in the State must be adopted with strong political will for immediate demilitarisation and stabilisation on priority basis. Both the Centre and the State must respect the voice and will of the truth because the voice of the Meeteis is the voice of Truth. It is quite reasonable and logical to ask why the numerous Central Armed Forces are so reluctant to go forward and combat the armed terrorists as they were so brave and
courageous to fight against the enemies along
the LAC in Kashmir whereas they are now
so brave and forward to combat the unarmed
Meetei women who are democratically and peacefully protesting against the unlawful aggressor Kukis looting, plundering, killing and blazing becoming of inhuman atrocities.
The utmost priority is to take the role of destroyer of enemy and saviour of the victims. None on earth is hard to tolerate the attitude of Modi and Shah. The people are pinning hope to an iron leader who can flush out the Kuki narco-terrorists beyond State boundary so that wrong history of migrant homeland never happens.