The existential crisis—The Reality

Laishram Devakumar Singh
Of late the community was awakened by the sound of war drum and bonfire of homestead and within months all those properties of the Meiteis had been razed to ashes. Indeed, the Meitei community never expected such a catastrophic scenario would befall them. The Meitei community was caught unaware. Subsequent events which have been witnessed by the entire community since 3rd May, 2023 in Manipur convinced that the violence which has been taking place is a well-planned and well-orchestrated move by Chin Kuki Zo to corner and destroy the Meitei population with its long meticulous planning and strategies in cohort with one giant power behind and vast arsenal of armoury, zealous mobs, Goebbelsian propaganda, media lapdogs, inexhaustible funds from drugs and other external sources. The apprehension of the Meitei community seemingly true as the series of incidents and loss of life, properties and casualties suffered is unprecedented in the history of our Nation.
The fear of the Meitei for the future of their Nation that has been founded by their patriotic forefathers with futuristic vision seem to be crumbling by the forces exerted by the newly infiltrated refugees who have the backing of formidable powers. The Meitei community fear the dissolution of their precious land and disintegration of their State as our forefathers had conceived it. The mistake we made by giving refuge to these unfaithful nomadic hoards in our own courtyards aggravated the situation.
Now everyone can see how internally displaced people are languishing in grief without any sources of livelihood. Psychologically they are so traumatised, and their lives now hang in the air. Over the last four months their desperation has gradually mounted and the monotonous life without any source of livelihood has exhausted them. Perhaps the life that was so beautiful and full of joy has been dashed to the ground and hope now to seem vacuous, and the passion has burned out. Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard rightly remarked that living without passion amounts to not existing at all. It’s like standing on the edge of an abyss where one might be afraid of falling. Here, people are forced to make choices all the time, whether they like it or not. With existential crisis around the corner, negative emotions and thought can lead to significant despair, causing them to struggle with deep questions regarding their meaning and purpose in the world.
The way in which they have been forced to live without meaning, goals, values, or ideals, seems to provoke considerable distress. The death of near and dear ones, the loss of jobs, feeling of increasing isolation and not being sure of one’s own identity and dignity overburden their mind and cause depression.
They are now in dilemma, whether they’ll be able to return to their own home where they grew and enjoyed the blissful life with everyone in the society. The air of helplessness and despair is heavy. The expectation of speedy initiatives from both the Central and State Governments seemingly has been dashed to the ground for the “Internally Displaced People”. Now what one can notice is the errant behaviour among the children. Many children have been deprived of their education and home. They have been deprived of the environment where they can evolve their creativity freely.
Instead, they have been thrown in the middle of an uncertain atmosphere. Their behaviour has been changed so drastically by certain developments around them. Where has gone the judicious system of administration ? This is not the time to play blame game. It is the time to strive for peaceful solution without compromising the ethos of multi-culturalism. What is the Government still waiting for ? Why is the State Government not acting ? Is this the reason for electing them ? The biggest mistake committed by our community was allowing a regime, a regime which has no concern for our culture, tradition, and history. The present crisis has completely devastated the very essence and idea of a multicultural ethos based on liberal humanism.
The damage inflicted is so huge that it cannot be measured in any available terms because the psychological and physical impacts on the children, the future generation of our society and their parents are so irreparable that one cannot comprehend. Our road to peaceful co-existence has been disturbed by the demand of separate administration and separate State paving the way for tearing our State into pieces. How long can we stand in such a situation ? Our freedom of movement has been jeopardised by militarisation and radicalisation. Now we cannot go to our own home to attend our homestead. Our society is besmirched by unspeakable inhumanity committed by Chin Kuki Zo Narco terrorists and mobs who perpetrate violence to achieve their wild dream. The miasma of distrust and hate engendered by the physical separation and the affected indigenous peoples make them ready to defend themselves and strike hard when the time is ripe. Study every move and statement of KIM and ITLF and steps initiated by the Government seems to be going to the direction where they intended. What is needed by the people of Manipur at this critical juncture is sincerity on the part of the so-called leaders. Their sincere efforts will help in bringing back to normalcy in the State or else it will drag more and more people to a cycle of violence and instability. We need a pyramidal structure of leadership who could captivate and command people belonging to different walks of lives.
The Meitei community along with well-wishers in the society need to play carefully that evil design of Chin Kuki Zo separatist elements can be defeated and buried forever for the safety of our society. The Old Kukis who have been living in the State must understand and raise their voice against those who perpetrate crime against humanity. It is high time for them to raise their voice against misleading common peoples. They should be made to answer for letting the people dream a State which will never achieved in a society like us. They should stop stereotyping of Meitei.
They must see the origin of this present crisis and how the violence started on 3rd May at Churachandpur. They must come out strongly to those who fomented and instigated the violence against Meiteis in Churachanpur areas. There is no denying the fact that the retaliation on May 4th was violent in Imphal area. All peace-loving people on both sides must initiate dialogue if they really want to save the State from further devastation.
War and violent clashes bring nothing but devastation, destruction, displace- ment, and dislocation. It uproots the very basic rights of human the right to live. Prolonging the conflict will only make things worse. It will be wise if the people in power act sensitively without causing collateral damage to one community only. What their machi-neries were doing when Chin Kuki Zo Narco terrorists were bulldozing Then- gra Leikai in Chura-chandpur ? Why the law enforcing agencies remained as mute spectators when these terrorists vandalised and destroyed Khumajama locality of the Meiteis in Churachandpur ? Where were you at that point of time ? You let loose these Chin Kuki Zo peoples to ransack and loot the homes of the Meiteis ? Your law enforcing agencies did not do anything to safeguard the properties of Meitei who had been forced to flee their home.
Instead of evacuating them from the said places your law enforcing agencies should have promptly acted to safeguard the rightful properties of these misfortunate Meiteis like what your forces did in Imphal. Had your machi-neries acted in an unpartisan manner, things would have been a different one from what you see today.
Now you’ve thrown them in the graveyards which you’ve dug for them. Thus, clearly violating their right to live in a free atmosphere. How long these odd sixty thousand people be fed ? There is seemingly existential crisis to both the community. Allow internally displaced people to their respective home and allow them to rebuild their value, tradition, and livelihood with your unpartisan governance. Please identify who are rightful owner of the land and who are not. Stop following the policy of appeasement. Those who ignited the crisis should be booked and dealt sternly. This is about the question of one’s survival with dignity. State simply should not back down to the pressure of one group supported by external forces. Please do not do politics in this hour of crisis for the Manipuri people. It will not be good for the State on its parts to suppress the voice of the people. How can state allow Kuki Zo chiefs intimidation and threat to the people of the soil from going to their birthplace.
If you cannot act in a judicious manner remove all your forces so that matter could be settled within no time. Your esteemed machi-neries are taking lot of time in settling the internally displaced people. They are dying from psychological trauma and unstable situation. How long your esteemed agencies will continue to see this situation? Please save Manipur from this existential crisis.