A decade for youth to make India a developed Nation

Deepak Aley
Contd from previous issue
Despite the estimated decline in the numbers, India will still remain a relatively ‘young’ country in 2030, with 24% of its population (365 million) in the 15-29 age group. At a time when several countries across Europe, the United States and even China are grappling with the twin problems of an ageing population and declining youth, how India nurtures its youth population will determine its future growth trajectory. To maximise the potential gains from this “most dynamic and vibrant segment” of the population, the Government of India’s Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports drafted the National Youth Policy (NYP) 2021, envisaging a 10-year vision for youth development by 2030.
According to national family and health survey report NFHS-5, over half of India’s population is still under age of 30. 25% of India’s population is in the age group of 0-14 years, (To be contd)