Climate change and flawed solution in Manipur

Jajo Themson (Environmental activist)
Contd from previous issue
Moreover, the DIA/HIA should also be along with necessary remedial measures which are mostly ignored and remained fraught.
Furthermore, in another erred venture, Absence of Forest & Environment Clearances from the Ministry of Environment and Forest Climate Change (MoEF&CC) which is a mandatory under section 2 of the Forest Conservation Act (FCA) 1980 and FRA, 2006 is another flagrant reason. Age-old usual practice of undermining the traditional laws of the indigenous communities on regulation and management of forest, wild animal and environment are yet another violation which are actually more effective on protection of environment.
The Ithai Barrage of 105 MW Loktak HEP is one of the most unaccountable kind of developmental project in the state where there are neither Forest & Environment Clearances nor holistic environmental impacts assessments. Besides this, Khoupum dam, Khuga dam, Singda dam and Mapithel are failed dam projects where no Environment Impacts Assessment (EIA) were carried out while devastations were clearly apparent socially and environmentally.
There are limitations in the plan conservation of reserved or protected forest by concerned Govt. department. Indigenous commu- nities are the best people in this connection as they have been in the forest for centuries with their own custo- mary or traditional way of protecting and conserving forest with proper system of management. Thus, attempt of imposition of force eviction or force alienation from forest and forest land to them would be further detrimental to conservation regime.
Suggestion: Human race should realise that human being itself is the ultimate solution to climate change crisis. People need to change their mindset transforming their personal, social and cultural view of nature. State or national Govts should ensure implementation of Green Acts in Letter and spirit in compliance of the
Environmental rules and mandatory clearances. Moreover, conduct of Holistic/Detailed Impacts Assessment (DIA) with tangible preventive measures is highly mandatory.
Finding alternative energy sources require focus on clean and green renewable energy that do not harm human and environment such as, installation of renewable power like Biomass energy, a 55% renewable and contributes 6% of global energy supply with less harm like dams as experienced in Germany and Spain. Need to encourage Geothermal power as done in Philippines and El Savador that generate about 25% of electricity and also need to encourage more solar power plants, Wind Mills and small hydropower plants. Interestingly those sugarcane producing countries, companies have started to burn the stalks of sugarcane to generate electricity.
In lieu of plan to build more and more dams, decommission or scrapping of all previously destructive futile dams is by far better and substantial. It is compelling the Project proponents strictly adhere to the Environment & human friendly National Green acts couple with nature replenishing measures, steps taken not to cordon the impacts on customary laws and rights of the tribal or indigenous communities. It is also worth noting that Climate Change actions of adaptation and mitigation should ensure compliance with indigenous people’s rights as per United Nations Declaration of Rights of the Indigenous People (UNDRIP) 2007. Solution should be rooted in respect of indigenous communities.
It is a compulsive situation that there should be rectification of the long, wrong and contradictory strategies as climate crisis solution. Further, finding alternative means or better strategies to undo the past and present false measures in curbing the issues of environmental injustice in the state is inevitable in the interest of global environmental solidarity and sustainable development. Repetition of the same erred solution would definitely maximize the existing environmental crisis other than solving the issue, which will vindicate the effort to address climate change crisis, a ridiculous and gross flawed.

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