Manipuri turban to adorn Parliament Marshals


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Parliament House employees will don new uniforms during the special session starting from September 18.
The Marshals in both the houses of the Parliament will also don a new uniform.
Manipuri turban will be a part of the Marshals uniform.
Marshals of both houses of the Parliament—the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha—will appear in new uniforms that includes Manipuri turbans.
The Bandhgala suit of the secretariat staff will be replaced by a shirt with a lotus flower design.
They will also be wearing khaki-coloured  loose pants and a Nehru jacket.
Meanwhile, women employees will have specially designed sarees as their uniform.
Manipuri turban and Kannada turban will be made part of the uniform of the marshals in both the Houses of the Parliament.
The security personnel at the Parliament will be provided commando training.
Instead of safari suits, they will be given uniforms similar to that of the military. NE Now