A decade for youth to make India a developed

Deepak Aley
Contd from previous issue
For example the progress in the Indian tech sector is credited to the 808 million youth, who form 66 per cent of the total population aged below 35 and have grown up tech and digital savvy. With a literacy rate of over 90 per cent among the youth, Internet and social media penetration (over 700 million users) and affordable Internet access, the youth are acquiring new skills and are looking for a purpose and an opportunity to help other people. It encourages the youth to innovate and take risks.
As a result, we are witnessing increased demand and development in various tech sub-sectors such as AI, blockchain, XaaS, platformization, cloud computing, cybersecurity, hyper-scale computing, IoT, machine learning and supply chain.
Tech companies are nowadays open to hiring talented employees with no formal education background in the technology field and hosting events like hackathons, coding competitions and business case competitions. One of the most famous hackathons is Google Code Jam. It boosts the morale of the youth and gives them an opportunity to solve some real-world problems.
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