Fishing by shades of Moon

Kamal Baruah
It’s a spectacular feat for India’s Moon mission “Chandrayaan-3”, when a spacecraft entered the lunar orbit andits‘Vikram’lander safely touched down while “Pragyan” rover is moving around on Moon’s surface in pursuit of lunar secrets at the South Pole. There’re space mysteries around the Moon for ages. Maybe someday people will explore water and a lunar colony is arguably the next logical step for mankind.The skills of ISRO have now signified India’s capabilities in space exploration and who knows what amazing things we might discover up there.
But for commoners, “Chanda mama door ke” (Moon is faraway). It’s an object of admiration for unattainable desire. When the sky is dark at night, it lightens by the celestial objects like stars, planets, and the Moon. Centuries before any lunar mission, people viewed the Moon differently.They looked at the waxing crescent with wonder and fascinated by the ancient echoes.
(To be contd)