Sir, a birthday treat for us

Free Thinker
Wish you a very happy birthday Sir – this is from the hapless people living in the relief camps of Manipur. We pray for your long life and your prolonged leadership in the global scenario. On this occasion, we would also like to congratulate you & your team on the overwhelming success of the G20 meet in New Delhi. We won’t be able to celebrate this grand success in a grand manner due to various limitations and pecuniary constraints. However, we are celebrating your birthday with a sumptuous meal hosted by our local leaders who are now in the capital for something or nothing.
Political pundits can’t imagine any person who can replace you at the moment. Almost all the present leaders have families, children, crooked relatives, ambitious wives, demanding girl-friends, etc etc; so they are bound by ‘Maya’ or Material or ‘Matha’. They are unable to emancipate themselves from their parivaric duties, responsibilities, and manipulations.
We are really grateful for recognizing and promoting our turban.  There are turbans meant for the deities and Godly-kings and we may refrain from using those turbans. But as far as bridegroom turbans are concerned we can use them at random because they are meant for mortals. It is heartening to learn that the Manipuri turban will be adorned in the Durbar for some important functionaries.
I asked AI who could be your replacement in 2024 – AI replied in the negative and showed me 3 surveys recently conducted by very independent Indian Media Houses. Then I enquired about 2029 – AI replied - that it is too early to predict and so far no one has done the assessment or conducted any survey.
Buttering in public is normally spurned by all and sundry. But what to do, we are compelled to do so because our future is becoming bleaker and bleaker. When I think that there is no retirement age for public service, I feel a little relaxed as I have some more decades to hit a century. There are many competitors in this dicey field. Many scoundrels are already there but still one more may be accommodated.
One Dinesh Goswami report rightly revealed that there is a nexus between criminals and politicians. And this is the cause of various malaises in our political system. Even today the main issue is - how to decriminalize politics. It has been an issue for the last many years. Here the problem looks similar. There is an understanding/nexus between the politicians and armed rebels/extremists/insurgents. The situation is made uneasy when women folks indirectly join the clique. It seems drug money plays a crucial role in this complicated grid.
Honestly, I cannot talk to my close friends belonging to other communities or ethnic groups. I have no personal enmity with them- but the reluctance has cropped up due to shameful and heinous incidents which have been taking place unabated. Both sides are committing unbearable crimes against humanity. If I am asked who is more responsible for this volatile dangerous situation - I must say that both sides are equally responsible. However, the majority should have restrained and controlled the situation at the earliest – because they are supposed to be the harbinger of unity, integrity, and harmony.
Now, you are a world leader; the entire world is looking up to you. They just want to know what you eat, what you do, what you read, who are your friends, what is your daily routine, how many hours you sleep,  do you carry a personal mobile phone. What is your mobile number? Are you a pure vegetarian? Whether you drink or not; whether you have a yoga teacher. Whether you take medicine; whether you sweep your courtyard and so on – the world is eager to know.
Some people might be writing your biographies without your knowledge. So far I have not come across any report saying that you have authorised someone to jot down your biography. If you can write your autobiography – that will be amazing. An honest autobiography from your heart will rake the world – millions may like to go through it because you are unique, enigmatic, and interesting.
People of Manipur will hope that your good self will come and settle the matter once and for all. You are an ‘anteryami’ – you know the intricacies; your arrival can’t be the panacea.  Your trusted guys are working so hard to bring about an amicable and acceptable settlement in the last 4 months. They also comprehend the complexities of the situation. Allegations and counter-allegations, FIRs and counter-FIRs, and hyped propaganda from both sides – all these lead to topsy-turvy. But the silver lining is that now, both sides have started longing for peace.
Time is the best healer, you know and we understand – but your gracious presence will give a cooling effect. Common people are really suffering, particularly those who are displaced and those who have lost their loved ones. Your healing touch (somehow disarm both sides) and pronouncement (expediting direct dialogue) will be the best birthday treat for the people of Manipur. Common people are desperate for peace and normalcy, I don’t know about the so-called leaders.