Leimaram Waroiching locals urge for resettlement

Our Correspondent
BISHNUPUR, Sep 16: Leimaram Waroiching locals have raised the demand for their resettlement in their original homes while also appealing to the State Government to beef up the Gorkha regiment deployed in the village.
Speaking in this connection during a press briefing held at Leimaram, Th Bimola, a local resident of Leimaram Waroiching, said that the displaced folks from her hometown had sought refuge at Leimaram Relief Camp.
Stating that the Gorkha regiment is stationed only at the eastern part of the village, she expressed apprehension and insecurity as the village remains unmanned in the southern part which borders a Kuki village.
Thus, she called for additional personnel to beef up the security in the village and also demanded for State forces to be deployed in the area.
She maintained that this will enforce a sense of security among the villagers and make it more convenient for them to return to their homes.
Addressing the media persons, Sh Budhi, president, Leimaram Yaipha Lamjing Lup highlighted the hardships faced by the villagers of Leimaram Waroiching as they have spent the last four months in relief camps.
With the coming of 'Langban', Sh Budhi pointed out that the time has arrived to present offerings and other oblations to deceased ancestors as per the Meitei tradition.
Saying that carrying out these sacred rituals at the relief camp would be inconvenient, Sh Budhi appealed for resettlement of the displaced villagers to allow them to carry out the rituals at their respective homes.
Maintaining that the villagers have made the decision to return home, Sh Budhi urged the State Government to make the necessary arrangements to make this possible.
Notably, M Joychandra, advisor, Leimaram Yaipha Lamjing Lup was also present at the press conference.