CSCHR urges review of inputs to GoI

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Sep 18 : The Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights in Manipur and the United Nations (CSCHR) have urged the Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in Myanmar to review some of its earlier recommendations to India.
In a representation submitted to the Special Rapporteur on the situation of Human Rights in Myanmar, Thomas Andrews, CSCHR urged three particular recommendations be reviewed in view of the series of threats posed by illegal Kuki immigrants who infiltrated into Manipur.
CSCHR, a collective of human rights organisations and civil society organisations based at Singjamei Wangma Bheigyabati Leikai in Imphal East highlighted cross-border movement of Kuki people from Myanmar in the last few decades, their involvement in drug trafficking through the wide international border between Manipur and Myanmar.
It also highlighted massive illegal immigration, mass poppy cultivation in the immediate south of Manipur neighbouring Chin State of Myanmar and its link to the present socio-political unrest in Manipur.
CSCHR further listed records of violence by the illegal infiltrators before or after the 2021 military crackdown in Myanmar, key militant leaders of Myanmar origin, economy of drug trade, mushrooming of nearly 1000 unrecognised villages in Kuki dominated districts till last year.
It also clearly highlighted involvement of illegal Kuki immigrants from Myanmar in the present crisis by referring notes from MHRC diary and reports published in various dailies, statement of India's Solicitor General, Tushar Mehta before the Supreme Court of India (about unclaimed bodies lying in morgues) and the statement of Union Home Minister on the floor of the Parliament (Myanmar Nationals created bloodshed).
CSCHR continued that human rights and civil organisations in Manipur are taking up initiatives to ensure protection of genuine refugees who fled  Myanmar due to fear of political prosecution.
In view of the facts related to the illegal Kuki immigrants the recommendation- "Refrain from blocking Myanmar Nationals fleeing violence from cross land borders, avoid collective exclusions and ensure that any return of such individuals are safe, voluntary and dignified," should be reviewed as India is not a party to the International Refugee Convention and therefore has no legal obligation to treat refugees and illegal immigrants according to law, it said.
On the recommendation to ensure safe passage of individuals seeking assistance from the UNHRC office, the CSCHR urged the Special Rapporteur to distinguish "individuals", who require genuine UNHRC assistance.
It also urged to review the recommendation-"India gives UNHRC unfettered access to refugees and asylum seekers throughout the country, including Mizoram and Manipur," saying that the transborder movement of individuals demands stringent scrutiny in accordance with National law.
The CSCHR then urged the Special Rapporteur to visit the conflict torn Manipur at the earliest in order to gather factual understanding of the situation so that a peaceful resolution could be ensured.