Fishing by shades of Moon

Kamal Baruah
Contd from last Saturday
We always see the near side of the moon that always faces earth, while the far side is never visible from earth due to the Moon’s synchronous rotation. The near side has large volcanic deposits while the far side has more craters and highlands. The reason for this asymmetry is still a mystery.
Human have long obsession with the Moon and it influenced civilizations and religions too. Cultures have been tracking the lunar cycle for tens of thousands of years. While the Sun is the foundation of the current Gregorian calendar, the lunar cycle remains an integral part of religions and cultures across the Earth. When the moon is at its brightest in the early night, the intense of the moonlight is soothing with grandma’s bag of fairy tales.We gazed in awe that adorns the night sky.
But the Moon isn’t as beautiful as it appears to be. There Are dark spots. It’s big, rocky playground in outer space. (To be contd)